Where are my uploaded YouTube videos?

Once you upload a video on YouTube, you can find it on YouTube studio. Only you can access YouTube Studio. Here you will see all the videos that were uploaded by you, including the uploaded unlisted videos on youtube. You will have an option to view, edit, change privacy settings, or take down your video.

Where can I find my uploaded videos on YouTube?

Part 1 of 2: Finding Your Videos

  1. Enter your user name and password and click on “Sign In”. …
  2. Click your profile image. …
  3. Select the YouTube Studio (Beta). …
  4. Click Videos. …
  5. Review all your uploaded videos. …
  6. Click a video title. …
  7. Click Analytics. …
  8. Click.


Why can’t I find my uploaded video on YouTube?

What to do if the video uploaded but is not showing in your Youtube channel. … Try locating the video in YouTube’s “Video Manager”. To access the Video Manager, use this link or go to youtube.com and log in to your account. Click on “My Channel”, then “Video Manager”, then “Videos”.

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Why are my YouTube videos gone?

If you see the “Video removed” message next to one of your uploaded videos, it means the video has been found to violate one of our policies and has been taken off of YouTube. Click a section below to learn what you can do to resolve the issue.

Does YouTube delete old videos?

Delete your own videos

You can remove any videos that you uploaded from your own Google Account. If you delete a video, it’s permanently deleted — you can’t recover it through YouTube. If you’d like to watch the video in the future, make sure you have a backup saved.

How do I access my videos?

Mobile (Android): Google Drive app

  1. Open the Google Drive app.
  2. Tap the Search Bar at top.
  3. Under File types tap Videos.
  4. You will see the search results as either a list or grid. You can switch between the views by tapping the grid or list view icon on the upper right.


Why is the first video on YouTube missing?

One has disappeared from my channel. First respondant is right. The main reason why a Youtuber’s uploaded material stopped appearing on the search lists is due to copyright claims.

How long does it take for an uploaded video to appear on YouTube?

It takes YouTube up to 24 hours to process a video after it’s uploaded. A new upload is made every 20 seconds on average. A Google search can take six months or more before all the pages are indexed and ranked by their relevancy for your keyword, while videos on YouTube will be indexed within minutes!

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Is YouTube really shutting down?

Youtube Shutting Down in 2021? … Hear, Youtube shutting down in march 12 2021, But Youtube is not shutting down. So, Post Repiles it’s false.

How do I get a YouTube video taken down?

  1. Click the flag icon below a video on YouTube to open the Report This Video area.
  2. Select an issue, such as “Infringes my rights.” Select an issue subcategory from the drop-down menu below the main issue, such as the “Infringes my copyright” or “Invades my privacy” options.

Can YouTube remove views?

If YouTube believes that views on a video are not genuine they will definitely delete them. In fact, within the last year there were thousands of YouTube creators that had millions of views deleted when YouTube decided to purge views that were purchased from view farms or through other nefarious methods.

How many hours of video are watched on YouTube every day?

One billionhours watched daily One billion hours watched daily. This is the number of hours of video watched on YouTube every day, generating billions of views.

How many reports does it take to delete a YouTube video?

Just One Copyright Takedown Request or Community Guidelines Strike will take down the video. In addition, three such strikes within a 90 day period will disable monetization and/or delete the channel and all its contents . Repeated violations may cause the channel to be deleted by YouTube.

Is there a substitute for YouTube?

Some alternatives include services like Dailymotion, DTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Vevo, Odysee, Flickr, and Metacafe, which offer private and professional users a wide range of options for posting or viewing content. Here is an overview of eight YouTube alternatives and their advantages and disadvantages.

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