What happens when you link a Facebook group to a page?

Your group members, visitors and you can see your page(s) in the bottom-left corner of your group cover photo. They can click on the name(s) to visit your page(s). When you link your group to your page, you group members will see a post in your group to get informed.

#2: Link a Facebook Page to Your Group

If you’re already an admin of a Facebook group you use for business, you can link your page to the group to manage and post within the group as your page. To do this, click the More button in your group and choose Edit Group Settings. Next, click the Link Your Page button.

What is the difference between groups and pages on Facebook?

Facebook pages are predominantly public. They are visible to everyone on the platform. A Facebook group however can be both public and private. You can choose to ask questions to members before you allow them access to the group, letting you choose the people you allow to be a part of the discussion.

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Can a Facebook business page post in groups?

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Any Page can create and join groups. … You may even gain valuable insight into what they want out of your business.

How can my Facebook business page join a group?

From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu. In the search bar at the top, enter some keywords for the group you’re looking for. Select the group then click + Join Group below the cover photo. Select whether you’d like to join as your profile or your Page and click Join Group.

Are Facebook groups better than pages?

If you’re looking to establish a brand and promote your business to a large number of people, a Facebook Page makes the most sense. If you’re a new or small businesses looking to establish a presence, a group can be of great help, especially if you sell niche products.

Which is better FB page or group?

The Page is where you can share how your product benefits people along with your latest promos and offers. Overall, it’s a good step if you want to improve your online marketing. The Group, on the other hand, suits those who are looking for a better discussion, along with expanding their networks.

Which is better Facebook page or profile?

The answer comes down to personal preference. Pages only impress when they’re robust… in content & fan base. A page with just a few fans & no engagement can do more harm than good to your personal brand. And profiles make it easier to get reach & engagement.

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How do I post in other groups as my business page 2020?

It’s a little complicated (what isn’t with Facebook?), but it worked.

  1. Add a second admin to the page. …
  2. Use that account to join the group as the page.
  3. Remove the new admin from the page (if you want).
  4. Go back to your primary account and you should be able to post as the page in the group from there.


Why can’t my facebook page join a group 2021?

If you can’t join a group as your Page, it might be because the group admins don’t allow Pages to join their groups.

Why can’t I share a post from my Facebook page to a group?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do I share my Facebook page?

Find and tap the white “f” in a blue box icon on your Apps menu to open Facebook. Tap the search field at the top of your screen. This will allow you to type the name of the page you want to share, and find it.

Can I post in a group as a page?

Therefore a Page cannot post to an existing Group unless the Admin linking the Group to the Page is also an Admin of the Group.

Android devices generally show the link options in the app, but iOS devices do not.

  1. Open Facebook on your mobile device, navigate to the business page, and tap More.
  2. Scroll down and tap Show Link.
  3. Copy the your URL.
  4. Tap OK.
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