How many seconds can you record on Instagram?

Your video can be 3 to 60 seconds long.

How do you record more than 10 seconds on Instagram?

To begin with the new feature and create long Instagram Stories longer, all you need to do is to tap the Your Story icon and then press and hold the record button from the bottom-centre for as long as you want to record a moment – without worrying about the 15-second limit.

Can I post a 3 minute video on Instagram?

The Length of Instagram Videos

Users can post videos between 3 seconds and one minute to their Instagram feed. Instagram Stories (the more permanent videos that appear on your profile) can last for 15 seconds. Live Videos and “IGTV” videos can last up to 60 minutes.

How many seconds does Instagram allow?

Instagram videos in a regular post can only be 60 seconds long, but you can upload and trim videos that are longer than that. Videos posted in your Instagram Stories can only be 15 seconds in length.

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How long can an Instagram video be 2020?

#1 – What is the Limit for Instagram Feed Video Length? Instagram makes it really easy to upload videos to your Instagram Feed. Remember, you’re limited to 3 seconds – 60 seconds for Instagram Feed videos.

Why can’t I record more than 15 seconds on Instagram 2020?

Currently there isn’t any way to upload instagram reels longer than 60 seconds. There are only 2 options — 15 and 30 seconds. For a longer clip upto 1 min, you can choose normal post and for a clip greater than 1min and upto 15 min, you can upload in IGTV.

Can you record on Instagram without holding?

You can use the “hands-free” feature on Instagram to record videos without needing to hold down the record button. Instagram’s hands-free recording feature is incredibly helpful if you’re recording a longer video, and can’t hold your phone the entire time.

Can you post a video on Instagram?

It’s easy to post videos on Instagram in three different ways. You can post videos to your feed or your story, and you can also privately send videos through direct message. In each case, you will have the option to post an existing video from your library or record a new one using the Instagram app.

Can Instagram reels be 60 seconds?

The competition to be the best platform for video sharing continues as Instagram allows Reels videos to now be up to one minute long. … Reels videos can now be 15, 30 or 60 seconds long.

What isn’t allowed on Instagram?

Hate Speech, Bullying and Abuse – We remove credible threats of violence, hate speech and the targeting of private individuals. We do not allow attacks or abuse based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability or disease.

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What is the longest video I can post on Instagram?

Your video can be 3 to 60 seconds long.

Can you post videos longer than 1 minute on Instagram?

If you’re posting a video to the Instagram feed (aka your main Instagram profile), videos are limited to 1 minute or 60 seconds. You can upload a video that’s longer than 1 minute, but you’ll need to select a 1-minute section of the video.

How long is Instagram live?

Instagram is extending the time limit on live streams from one hour to four hours. Instagram users can now stream live up to four times longer than before following a significant extension to live stream time limits.

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