How do I tell people Im 18 on Instagram?

How do you know you are over 18 on Instagram?

Help Us Verify Your Age

  1. Full name.
  2. Email address. Please provide the email address connected to your account.
  3. Instagram username.
  4. Date of birth.
  5. Your ID.
  6. Please provide a photo of a valid ID. Your photo ID must include your face and date of birth so we can verify your age. …
  7. Any additional info.

How does instagram know your age?

Instagram app for Android and iPhone:

  1. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Tap Personal Information Settings to view your birthday.

Why can I only see 18 photos on Instagram?

The reason you may see a limited number of photos in your feed is because it shows recent photos shared by people you follow. Some of the photos you may have seen in feed when you first signed up for Instagram are no longer shown here because they’re older and have been replaced by new photos.

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How do you know if someone has you on restricted on Instagram?

While it’s obvious to someone when they’ve been blocked — because they can no longer find that user on the platform — it won’t be obvious when they’ve been restricted. They will see that user’s posts in their feed like they usually do. But they will no longer see when the user is online or has read their messages.

Can you age restrict Instagram?

You can set an age limit on your Instagram account so that only users above a certain age will be able to follow you. To set an age limit, you’ll need to have an Instagram Business or Creator account.

How old is Instagram now?

The Instagram app was launched on Oct. 6, 2010, and racked up 25,000 users in one day.

How old is an Instagram account?

Visit the user’s profile, tap the three dots. Select the About this Account. You can see the date when the account was created.

How do I fix my age on Instagram?

How can I add or edit my birthday to my Instagram account?

  1. Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Tap Personal Information Settings.
  4. Tap Birthday and enter your date of birth or tap Update on Facebook.

How do I get rid of 18 content on Instagram?

Step by Step instructions

  1. Set account to private. From your account, tap . …
  2. Unfollow a user. Go to your profile and tap ‘Followers’ at the top of the screen. …
  3. Allow or block comments. …
  4. Filter comments. …
  5. Mute a user. …
  6. Choose Close friends settings. …
  7. Restrict an account. …
  8. Report posts or profiles.
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What’s the age limit for TikTok?

Does TikTok have a minimum age? TikTok’s Terms of Service state that users must be at least 13 years old to sign up for an account and have full access to the platform, in compliance with the U.S.’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

How do you stalk someones likes on Instagram?

If you’re wondering if this person liked something from a specific person’s profile:

  1. Click on this person’s profile.
  2. Select “Following” to see all of the profiles they’re following.
  3. Click a profile they’re following.
  4. View that profile post’s likes to see if the person liked any of them.


Are Instagram likes gone?

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced in 2019 at Wired25 that the platform would begin hiding “like” counts on posts within a week, Adrienne So at Wired reported. At first, likes will disappear only for certain users as a test of the feature. … Likes aren’t completely gone for those in the test.

Is there illegal content on Instagram?

Illegal Content – We don’t allow support or praise of terrorism, organized crime or hate groups on Instagram. Offering sexual services and selling firearms and drugs are also prohibited. Hate Speech, Bullying and Abuse – We remove credible threats of violence, hate speech and the targeting of private individuals.

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