How do I register my YouTube logo?

A trademark will prevent another YouTube channel from using your name, slogan, or logo. This is an important step in building a specific brand identity for your channel. In order to register a trademark, you must prove that the name or logo is distinct and specifically associated with your channel.

You can also register a trademark for your logo with the Secretary of State in the state where you will be using the logo. Doing so protects your rights only within that state, so the logo can be used by others in other states. The third and most expensive option is to file a trademark application with the USPTO.

Do I need to register my YouTube name?

If you don’t get a trademark, you won’t be able to stop someone from using your brand. In other words, if someone registers their trademark before you, it will prevent you from using your mark. So it’s really important to register your mark if the mark is valuable to you.

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Registering a Logo

You can register a logo with the USPTO by using the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) or other online trademark service. If your logo includes design elements, you will need to upload an image, using a . jpg file, of the logo as part of your trademark application.

How do you check if your logo is copyrighted?

You can search all applied-for and registered trademarks free of charge by using the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)’s Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). If your mark includes a design element, you will have to search it by using a design code.

Can you show logos on YouTube?

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Generally if you are using a product or showing a place as it is commonly portrayed, and the logos are visible, you’re on pretty good legal ground (for example, someone driving a Chevy car to a Chili’s or drinking a Coke).

Yes. A logo that includes artistic or design elements, (i.e. not just the name on its own), is legally regarded as being a work of artistic creation and therefore will be protected under copyright law. Copyright protects the logo as an artistic work.

Trademarks protect anything that is perceived as confusingly similar in its sight, sound or meaning to your consumer. So, if you are investing in a brand image, you should seek a trademark registration to protect it. But, your image may also qualify for copyright protection as well.

Filing a Copyright Registration Application

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Go to the U.S. Copyright Office website. Select “Electronic Copyright Registration” to fill in the Form VA online for registration of a work of Visual Arts. Name the creator of the logo and include contact information for the owner. Many logos are works for hire.

Can 2 Youtubers have the same name?

You cannot have the exact same channel name (as entered in your youtube credentials). It is like with email addresses. You have to add a number or sign or whatever, if you want that name but it is taken already.

How do I register a name on YouTube?

01. Start with the basics

  1. Sign into YouTube and click on the user icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on the gear icon to get to your account’s YouTube Settings.
  3. Click on Create a new channel.
  4. Then choose “Use a business or other name”
  5. Add your Brand name and click create.


Can I have the same channel name on YouTube?

Yes, you can have multiple YouTube channels! … Thankfully, YouTube now allows you to create channels with your current YouTube/Google account. When you create these new channels, you create something called a Brand Account linked to your personal account.

A trademark solidifies your ownership of your intellectual property. By simply creating and using a logo, you automatically have the sole right to use it and take legal action against infringement. But by registering your trademark, that right is strengthened and you gain additional legal protections.

Can I use a logo without registration?

The brief answer to this is clear no. The applicant can either file application with only word mark or only logo or with both choosing the appropriate category of the Trademark. Online TM Registration allows your different categories under which the application will fall.

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How much does it cost to trademark a name and logo?

The cost to trademark a name at the federal level ranges from $225 to $400 plus legal fees or $50 to $150 for a state trademark. The average cost to trademark a logo is $225 to $600 plus any legal fees. Get free estimates from trademark attorneys near you.

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