How can you see answers on Instagram questions?

How do you answer questions on Instagram Stories? To view the questions your followers have submitted, open your story and swipe up. Then you can scroll through the responses by swiping right and left.

Where do you see answers to Instagram questions?

The new feature can be found in the sticker drawer. Tap it, type out a prompt, and place it on your post. When friends see it, they can tap the sticker to send replies. Somewhat confusingly, replies will appear in the list of people who have viewed your story, which appears in the bottom-left corner of the post.

Why can’t I see my responses on Instagram?

The first and simplest thing to check is that your Instagram is up-to-date to ensure you have access to the most recent features. Go into your app store and see if there are any Instagram updates to download. Once your app is updated, try again to look for the Questions feature.

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How can I see my responses on Instagram after 24 hours?

If you want to see who viewed your stories after 24 hours you should:

  1. open Instagram.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. (On iPhone) top left there is a clock with a backwords arrow around it. …
  4. Open your stories (on iPhone it’s top middle press “archive” again) and select stories.
  5. Click the stories you want to see the insights of.

What questions can we ask on Instagram?

Below, you can also see a list of other example questions you can ask the audience.

  • Who’s the team that will win today? ( …
  • What’s the one thing you do for everyone?
  • What year would you travel back in time and why?
  • What’s one thing you can’t live without?
  • What are you most thankful for today?
  • Who inspires you every day?

Can I ask myself questions on Instagram?

Yes, you can Answer your own questions on Instagram without others knowing. Your fear is that people will be notified that you’re answering your own questions. So for your question, I just tried it and asked a few friends if they noticed it or I got a notification that I answered it.

Who is the Instagram queen?

Congratulations: Ashi Singh is the Instagram Queen of the week! MUMBAI: This week’s Insta queen is quite popular among her fans and has always been in the news for multiple reasons.

Do you really know me questions?

Some great “how well do you know me” questions you can use for conversation starters with your parents include: What is my favorite color? Who is my oldest friend? What’s my favorite childhood memory?

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Can you see who answered your question on Instagram?

Does Instagram tell you when someone answers your question? You’ll receive a notification when someone responds to your question sticker. You’ll also be able to see the responses by opening your story and swiping up, as mentioned above. … This ensures that they’ll know when you answer their question.

Do Instagram questions expire?

Your audience can view and respond to your question sticker for 24 hours. After that, you’ll be able to see your responses and respond well past the 24 hour mark, as long as your story is archived.

Is answering questions on Instagram anonymous?

Instagram questions are not anonymous, the person who you sent the question to will know that it is you who asked them. However, if the person you’re sending a question to decides to share your question publicly, your username will be removed.

Why does Instagram ask me to view a story?

We want the content you see on Instagram to be authentic and to come from real people, not bots or others trying to mislead you. Starting today, we will begin asking people to confirm who’s behind an account when we see a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior.

Do Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours?

Photos and videos you share to your story disappear from Feed, your profile and Direct after 24 hours, unless you add it as a highlight.

How do you reply to two questions on Instagram?

To add multiple responses to your image, find the question in your story and tap at the very bottom of the screen where it says how many people have seen that story. On the next screen, tap See All next to Responses. Now you can see all of the responses you’ve received to your question.

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What questions can be asked in Instagram poll?

Poll questions are perfect for increasing Social Media engagement and gathering useful information about your followers. It’s a powerful way to connect with them.

7.) “Do You Want To” Poll Questions:

  • 43.) Do you want to lose weight? …
  • 44.) Do you want to have your own business? …
  • 45.) Do you want to be famous? …
  • 46.) …
  • 47.)


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