You asked: How do I sort Facebook comments from oldest to newest?

How do I sort my Facebook comments in chronological order?

  1. Navigate to your Facebook home page by pressing “Home” on the blue menu bar at the top of any Facebook page.
  2. Click on the “Sort” link in the upper right corner of the news feed.
  3. Slide down to “Top Stories” and click to set the order of information based upon information including “likes.”

Why are the comments on Facebook out of order?

If a comment violates Facebook’s community standards, the system will automatically remove it, and if the comments are of low quality they will not be shown as prominent. Engagement factors. Reactions and number of responses are also key factors in determining the order in which Facebook displays comments.

How do I get the oldest comment first on Facebook?

If you’re keen to find the first comment of a post, toggle the setting to ‘All Comments’ & scroll up till there’s nowhere to scroll anymore. You’ve reached the first comment!

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How do I change my comment settings on Facebook?

For profiles

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy and click Settings.
  3. Click Public Posts.
  4. Next to Comment Ranking, click Edit.
  5. Select On or Off.

How do you sort your Facebook app by most recent 2020?

Android users can find this button at the top-right. Scroll down to the Feeds sub-head (below Apps) and hit the “Most Recent” button. That’s it.

How do I fix the order of comments on Facebook?

To change the order of comments, click the current comment ordering option in the bottom left of the post (example: Newest, All Comments, Most Relevant), and then select a new option: Newest to show all comments, with the newest comments first.

Can’t see all Facebook comments live?

Q1: How do I enable live comments on Facebook? All you need to do is swipe right on the screen. Comments, likes and other reactions will be disabled and you can watch the video in peace. And If you want to get them back, all you need to do to get them all back is to swipe left again.

Why can I not see all comments on Facebook?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

What happened to most recent on Facebook?

The ‘Most Recent’ button allowed Facebook users to change the algorithm in the news feed. … Facebook recently introduced a change of features to the Android version of Facebook, which iPhone users can expect in the future. Luckily, the button is still on the app, it is just placed in a different location.

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Can you sort Facebook posts by oldest?

To view older posts on your Timeline, scroll down on your Timeline, then click “Recent” at the top and select the year you’d like to view. From there, you can click “All Posts” at the top of your Timeline and select a specific month.

Can you sort by oldest on Facebook?

Step 1: Click on the new “sort” link, located at the top of your newsfeed. Step 2: By default, you’ll see that “Highlighted Stories First” is checked. Click on “Recent Stories First” to sort your newsfeed in chronological order.

How do I get my Facebook post to come up first?

#4 Facebook is giving users control over their timeline

This also means that you can try to encourage your fans to give your page a higher priority so they will not miss any of your updates! When you click on the “Liked” button, you will get the option to change the setting of “In Your News Feed” to “See first“.

How do I get Facebook to show all comments instead of the top comments?

Visit your Facebook Page and click on Settings at the top right. Click on General and select the “Comment Ranking” option. Uncheck the box next to “See most relevant comments by default.”

How do I make Facebook show all comments?

On left side of page you will a list of options. Scroll down and press “public posts”. There another list will come up. Go to comment ranking, press edit and turn it off.

Clicking that box will display choices for:

  1. Most relevant.
  2. Newest.
  3. All Comments.
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Can you approve comments Facebook before they posted?

Facebook Help Team

Tag review is an option that lets you approve or dismiss tags that people add to your posts. When you turn it on, any time someone tags something you posted, that tag won’t appear until you approve it.

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