You asked: How can I download Facebook video status?

Once you find the desired video, play it. A “Download” button will appear right below. When you tap on it, multiple options in both video and audio file formats will appear. Choose a good video resolution and tap on the download button to save it in your phone memory.

How do I download someones facebook status?

Enter the URL of a website or type the name of Facebook status that you want to download. It will show all the relevant results according to the user’s search criteria. Either play the video to watch or press the download button right below the playing screen.

How can I download Messenger video status?

Download Facebook Messenger Videos on Android

  1. Open Messenger, and open the conversation with the video you want to download.
  2. Long press the video, and there will be options available for you to Save Video, Forward, or Remove.
  3. Tap Save Video.


How do I save a FB story?

To save a photo or video, go to the Facebook Camera and then tap the Save button at the bottom. After that, you need to tap the Facebook Camera option to save your memories to the private space.

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How can I download WhatsApp video status without any app?

Open Whatsapp and watch your friend or other’s Whatsapp status stories of whom you want to save or download. Go to the Storage, open Whatsapp Folder and in Whatsapp folder, open Media folder . In the media folder, you will see a faded folder, named ” .

How can I download video?

Copy the URL of the video you want to download, head to, and paste it in the bar at the top. Then click “Download” to the right of that bar. Do not click the large green “Download” button. It will load for a few seconds, then you’ll have the option to download the video in FLV (Flash), MP4, or WebM format.

Is there is any app to download YouTube videos?

Tubemate is a free YouTube downloader tool that helps you to download YouTube videos. It is one of the free YouTube downloaders which allows you to set SD card or a particular folder to save the video. This YouTube video download app enables you to adjust download speed.

Why can’t I save videos from Facebook Messenger?

Unfortunately, you cannot save videos that were shared directly from Facebook. The video must be uploaded by the sender via Facebook Messenger. This process is similar for iPhones and Android phones, although the buttons you’ll need to press may have slightly different labels.

How do I share a video on Messenger?

  1. Step 1: First, open Facebook Messenger on your device.
  2. Step 2: Start a video call by selecting one or more contacts by tapping the Camera icon.
  3. Step 3: While in the call, tap the Menu option or swipe up to expand the options bar. ( …
  4. Step 4: From the given options, tap Share your screen>Start sharing.
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Where are messenger videos saved?

By selecting ‘Save Video’, the video will be downloaded into the photo/video gallery on your phone. If you choose ‘Save to Facebook’, this will save the video in the ‘Saved’ section of your Facebook profile.

How can I download a Facebook story without the app?

How to Download Facebook Stories

  1. Related | How to Download Facebook Videos on Android.
  2. Step 1: Go to the Play Store and install ‘Save Story for Facebook Stories. …
  3. Step 2: Give all the permission.
  4. Step 3: Now login with your username and password.
  5. Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install Story Saver. ( …
  6. Step 2: Log on to


How do I download a short video from Facebook?

How to Download Facebook Videos

  1. On your Facebook feed or timeline ‘Right Click’ on any video then ‘Copy Video URL at current time’. See screenshot below.
  2. Go to …
  3. Click on “Download normal quality video” or “Download HD video” (if available) to start downloading the video.

How can I download a Facebook story without them knowing?

1. The “go offline” method

  1. Launch the Facebook app and scroll through all the stories, so they’re all loaded and shown on your screen. …
  2. With the Facebook app running, open your phone’s settings and either go to airplane mode or turn off WiFi and/or Mobile Internet.


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