You asked: Can people see Instagram polls answers?

Instagram announced Polls in a blog post, which made it clear that the user who posted the poll would be able to see who voted for each option. “To see your own poll results, swipe up to open the viewers list for that part of your story,” it reads.

Are Instagram poll results Anonymous?

One EXTREMELY CRUCIAL thing to know about Instagram’s new poll feature. Once more for the people in the back: Instagram polls are not anonymous.

Does Instagram notify when you answer a poll?

The bad news? They aren’t. Instagram sends the user a notification every time someone votes, and you can see who’s voted for what. um instagram is really trying to start some beef by showing who voted what in the new poll feature…

Is answering questions on Instagram anonymous?

Instagram questions are not anonymous, the person who you sent the question to will know that it is you who asked them. However, if the person you’re sending a question to decides to share your question publicly, your username will be removed.

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Can you see who answered your question on Instagram?

Does Instagram tell you when someone answers your question? You’ll receive a notification when someone responds to your question sticker. You’ll also be able to see the responses by opening your story and swiping up, as mentioned above. … This ensures that they’ll know when you answer their question.

Can you Unvote on Instagram?

You cannot change it. Among the platforms, Instagram is in a leading position. It is intended for communication and conducting your own business.

How do you look at your polls on Instagram?

Go to your Instagram Homepage. Tap the “Your Story” icon at the top left of your screen. Find the Instagram Story with the Poll Sticker on it. Tap the “Seen By” icon in the bottom left corner.

What is the sliding thing on Instagram?

Share All sharing options for: Instagram’s emoji slider is a new way to poll your friends. Instagram has announced a new variation of its polling sticker for Stories: now there’s an emoji slider that lets you ask and answer questions with an animated emoji on a sliding scale.

How do you fake an anonymous question on Instagram?

If you want to try to trick your followers into telling you their true thoughts, you can also fake an anonymous Instagram poll for them to answer. To do this, select the question sticker for your Instagram story and write, “Ask @(your username) an anonymous question” in the “Ask me a question” spot.

Are Instagram messages private?

Instagram allows you to communicate publicly and privately with followers, mutuals, and other Instagram users. That includes sending private messages to anyone. You don’t need to follow or be followed by that user to use the app’s private messaging feature, and no one can see these messages except the recipients.

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Why does Instagram ask me to view a story as me?

We want the content you see on Instagram to be authentic and to come from real people, not bots or others trying to mislead you. Starting today, we will begin asking people to confirm who’s behind an account when we see a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior.

How do you know who looks at your Instagram the most?

Unless someone is commenting, liking, or sharing your posts, there is no way to tell who is viewing your posts on Instagram. The social media site does not have any features that tell you exactly who is viewing your profile unless they try to connect with you.

Can anyone see what you vote on Instagram polls?

Once someone has voted on your poll, they’ll see which choice is in the lead at any given moment. And if they watch your story again later, they’ll see the latest results. … Not only will you see how many votes each option received, but you’ll also see who voted and what option they chose.

What questions can we ask on Instagram?

Below, you can also see a list of other example questions you can ask the audience.

  • Who’s the team that will win today? ( …
  • What’s the one thing you do for everyone?
  • What year would you travel back in time and why?
  • What’s one thing you can’t live without?
  • What are you most thankful for today?
  • Who inspires you every day?
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