You asked: Can I clear my blocked list on Instagram?

You can’t permanently delete a user you have blocked on Instagram unless they are posting harmful photos or photos that break Instagram’s rules, you can report them and address the issue to Instagram. Instagram will then make the decision on whether to delete their account or simply just remove their photos.

How do I clear my blocked list?

Unblock a number

  1. Open your Phone app .
  2. Tap More .
  3. Tap Settings. Blocked numbers.
  4. Next to the number you want to unblock, tap Clear. Unblock.

How do I hide my Blocked contacts on Instagram?

When you do not share mutual friends with an Instagram user who has already blocked you, the only way to block this individual is to tag them in a picture. 3). You will need to create a fake Instagram profile.

Can you permanently delete blocked numbers?

Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking & Identification, slide the number to the left and tap Delete. Just go to each blocked number bottom or page & delete .

Can you delete a blocked contact?

Open the dialer settings and check the blocked list for the number belonging to the deleted contact. If you delete the number from the blocked list, the number will stay deleted from the blocked list. Removing the number from the blocked list has no effect on any entry in your Contacts list.

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How do I get rid of action block on Instagram?

Let’s discuss these types which are most important to know before fix this problem.

  1. Permanently Blocked:
  2. Temporary Blocked:
  3. Blocked with an expiration date:
  4. Tips 1: Edit Your Instagram bio.
  5. Tips 2: Uninstall and reinstall.
  6. Tips 3: Send a request.
  7. Tips 4: Report a problem.
  8. Tips 5: Use another device.

How do I permanently block a number?

How to permanently block your number on an Android Phone

  1. Open the Phone app.
  2. Open the menu in the top right.
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown.
  4. Click “Calls”
  5. Click “Additional settings”
  6. Click “Caller ID”
  7. Select “Hide number”


Can you still FaceTime someone if they blocked you?

When someone tries to FaceTime a number they’ve been blocked by, the blocked FaceTimer’s call will simply ring and ring without an answer (because the person on the receiving end won’t even know he or she is being contacted) — until the blocked caller gives up.

Why do Blocked numbers still get through iPhone?

Make sure the iPhone is updated: Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – Apple Support. Also, update any carrier settings: If the issue continues after updating, ensure that any third-party apps that assist with blocking calls have been removed: How to delete apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch – Apple Support.

How do I hide my Blocked contacts?

Android : no need of root..

  1. Tap “Privacy”.
  2. Tap “Blocked” near the bottom of the Privacy page.
  3. Choose a contact to block.
  4. Tap on “Account” near the top of the Settings page.
  5. Tap on “Blocked contacts” near the bottom of the Privacy page, just beneath the “Messaging” heading.
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How do I hide my blocked number?

If you own an iPhone or Android device, automatically block your number by adjusting one simple setting.

To block your number on Android:

  1. Open the Phone app, and open the Menu.
  2. Select Settings, then Call settings.
  3. Click on Additional settings, then Caller ID.
  4. Choose “Hide number” and your number will be hidden.


Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you?

If you have a mobile phone Android, for know if a blocked number called you, you can use the call and SMS blocking tool, as long as it is present on your device. … After that, press the card call, where you can see the history of calls received but blocked by phone numbers that you previously added to the blacklist.

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