Why is my video not uploading on Instagram story?

Your network connection is low or weak. Your Instagram account is blocked, banned, or disabled. The content of your video is violating the terms of Instagram. Instagram doesn’t support the format of your uploaded video.

Why is my Instagram Story upload failing?

Restart Instagram

Restarting apps on either Android or iOS refreshes the temporary files and memory use of that app. That can be enough to get it working again. Most apps will self-regulate memory or cache, but sometimes they get stuck. A restart can get them working again.

How do you fix a video not uploading on Instagram?

How can you fix the issue?

  1. Make sure that you’re using your strongest connection. …
  2. Try disabling and re-enabling your connection. …
  3. Move to an area with a stronger connection. …
  4. Try restarting the Instagram app. …
  5. Try restarting your phone. …
  6. Try clearing the Instagram Cache. …
  7. Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.


How do I clear my cache on Instagram?

How To Clear Instagram Cache

  1. Tap ‘Settings’ on your Instagram’s profile.
  2. Tap ‘Security’
  3. Tap ‘Clear Search History (for iPhone) or ‘Search History’ (for Android)
  4. Tap ‘Clear All’.
  5. That’s it!
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Why is IG not working?

1. Clear App Data and Cache (iOS/Android) If a restart didn’t fix Instagram for you, try clearing the app data and cache. While you can clear an individual app’s cache and data on Android, on iPhone you need to delete and reinstall the app.

Why are my videos not uploading?

Slow or unstable internet connection is one of the main causes of slow uploads. Heavy uploads traffic: You might be uploading during a busy time. At some peak hours, your Internet Service Provider registers spikes of upload traffic and might take longer to upload your video to YouTube.

Why does Instagram take so long to upload?

As mentioned before, poor Internet is most likely the cause of your Instagram freezing while uploading videos. But you should rule out the other potential causes by: restarting Instagram. clearing the app’s cache.

Why can’t I upload MP4 to Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t support MP4 video with variable fps and it only can support MP4 video with max 30fps. 3. MP4 is a video container that can hold various video codec such as H. 264, H.

What happens if I clear cache on Instagram?

When the app cache is cleared, all of the mentioned data is cleared. Then, the application stores more vital information like user settings, databases, and login information as data. More drastically, when you clear the data, both cache and data are removed.

What does Clear Cache mean?

Clear cache from third-party apps

App cache is similar to browser cache. It’s small bits of information stored to speed up your experience using an app. … Clearing cache is a quick and easy way to free up space and (hopefully) fix a misbehaving app. Clearing app cache will not delete app data like account information.

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How do you reset suggested on Instagram?

For each suggested search that you want to clear, tap the ‘X’ at the right side of the screen. The suggestion should disappear.

Is Instagram shutting down in 2020?

Currently, there’s no official evidence to suggest that Instagram is shutting down in 2020. The platform has seen a huge amount of growth and success, evolving from a mobile app ran by a team of 13 into a cultural phenomenon boasting 1,000+ employees.

How do I fix my Instagram feed?

To fix “Couldn’t refresh feed” on Instagram, you need to either wait it out, set your date and time to automatic, or use another device. Alternatively, you can try updating, reinstalling, or clearing Instagram’s cache.

Why is Instagram so slow 2020?

Main issues of slow Instagram application could be: Slow internet connection. Outdated software. Outdated Instagram application.

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