Why did twitter remove moments?

What happened to twitter moments?

Having placed high hopes on it just over a year ago, Twitter announced that it will replace Moments with a new Twitter Explore tab. … But going forward, you’ll find it under the new Twitter Explore tab. It will be right alongside a consolidated tab, including Live Video, Search, and Trending Hashtags.

Is twitter getting rid of moments?

Twitter is removing the ability to create Moments on its iOS and Android apps. This change is happening on October 23rd. Twitter will not be completely removing the ability to create Moments, as the functionality will still be available on desktop. …

Can you still create twitter moments?

Twitter Moments are curated stories about what’s happening around the world—powered by Tweets. It’s easy to create your own story with Twitter Moments. … Note: Moment creation is only available on twitter.com. It is not possible to create a Moment from your Twitter for iOS or Android app.

How long do twitter moments last?

How many tweets should you include in a Moment? Twitter’s recommendation is to keep Moments around 10 tweets long.

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What is the meaning of moments?

1a : a minute portion or point of time : instant a moment of dreadful suspense— Graham Greene. b : a comparatively brief period of time moments of solitude. 2a : present time at the moment she is at work on her fourth novel — Holiday.

What are twitter stories called?

Twitter Has Stories Now And They’re Called ‘Fleets’

What is twitter list?

Twitter Lists allow you to customize, organize and prioritize the Tweets you see in your timeline. You can choose to join Lists created by others on Twitter, or from your own account you can choose to create Lists of other accounts by group, topic or interest.

What feature is twitter removing?

On October 23, we’re removing the ability to create Moments on the Twitter for iOS or Android apps. When features aren’t used as often, we’ll remove them, so we can focus on building other products you’ll love.

How do you delete twitter moments?

Click on the Moments, right after the Lists or Likes. Click on the V button, which you can see the right corner of your moment. Click on Delete Moment from the options. Confirm your action.

How do you make moments?

How to Create a Twitter Moment on a Mobile Device

  1. Tap the gear icon next to your profile picture (or your actual profile photo on Android devices) and select “Moments.” …
  2. Tap “+” in your “My Moments” screen to customize your Moment.


Does Twitter have stories like Instagram?

Twitter launches Fleets, 24-hour ‘stories’ similar to Snapchat and Instagram. … Fleets allow Twitter users to post text, reactions to tweets, photos or videos and customize their Fleets with various background and text options.

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What is twitter story?

— Twitter (@Twitter) November 17, 2020. So now, you can create Stories on Twitter, with a dedicated tray of Stories – sorry – Fleets bubbles along the top of your news feed, where users can share updates that disappear after 24 hours within the app.

What are twitter moments for?

With Twitter Moments you create and curate longer-form content to tell interesting stories. Moments let you tell a story that goes beyond one Tweet and highlights different perspectives.

How do I view twitter moments?

How to find Moments:

  1. Tap the Explore tab.
  2. Scroll down to the What’s happening section. Featured Moments are listed by Media, Pop Culture, Music, Travel, Politics, and more.
  3. To view additional Moments by category, tap Show more.

How do I see twitter memories?

Go to https://twitter.com/search-advanced. Enter “From these accounts” icon under “People” and type your username. Use the pop-up calendar tool and select the date range of the tweets you are looking for. Click the “Latest” button to see your old tweets from this period.

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