Why can’t I unsave things on Facebook?

If you are still experiencing this issue, here are a few things to try: – Log out of Facebook by clicking the arrow on the top right corner and click “Logout”; – Clear cookies and cache, if you’re using a computer; … – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do I unsave a saved item on Facebook?

How do I remove something I’ve saved on Facebook?

  1. Tap Saved.
  2. Tap. next to the item you want to unsave.
  3. Tap Unsave.

How do I delete my saved items on Facebook marketplace?

You can access Marketplace from the Facebook app on your mobile device. It should be the center icon at the bottom of your News Feed. Once you’ve opened the app, select Your Items in the top right corner. Find the item you wish to delete, click Manage, then click delete item.

Is there a limit to saved items on Facebook?

Hi Alessandra, Great question! Your saved posts don’t expire. If you’re unable to see some of your saved items, it might be because the original post got deleted.

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Why can’t I save items on Facebook marketplace?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do you clear your Facebook wall history?

Go to Activity Log > Manage Activity and tap on the popup that says Your Posts. Once you see the list of your posts, you can select all posts you want to archive or delete, and hit that option accordingly.

Can I delete all my saved items on Facebook?

Scroll down until you see the word Saved. Click on it and now see all your saved posts. On the right-hand side of each post is a symbol that looks like a pencil. Click on it and then the only option available, click on Delete.

What is the real Facebook marketplace?

What Is It? Marketplace allows Facebook users, 18 years old and up, to post pictures of their garage sale items and collectibles and browse items offered by nearby sellers as well. The sellers set the price, but would-be buyers are welcome to counter with another offer.

Can I see who viewed my facebook collection?

Facebook is working on a feature that will let users keep their Stories beyond their usual 24-hour existence. … The collections will look almost like a multimedia photo album, with titles and “covers.” Users will be able to see how many people watched their Highlights and determine who’s able to view them.

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Are Facebook saved posts public?

When you save something on Facebook, only you can see it unless you choose to to add it to a collection using the Public, Friends, or Contributors Only privacy settings. Everyone in the collection’s audience can view items, comment on items and see the collection’s name.

What happened to my Saved Items on Facebook?

To view the things you’ve saved: Go to facebook.com/saved. Click a saved category in the left menu or click a saved item to view it.

Can you save a search in Facebook marketplace?

This option is currently not available on Marketplace. However, Facebook is constantly looking to improve its services. With over a billion people using the social network, feedback from Community members like you helps with new developments.

How do I enable Save option on Facebook?

When someone in your feed posts a link you’d like to revisit later, just click the Save button in the bottom right of the post or the drop down arrow in the upper right of a post (or the “…” on a Facebook page) and then select Save.

Can you set an alert for Facebook marketplace?

Scroll and look for a notification box (alternative option)

Click “turn on” to turn the alert feature on. Then once an item is listed matching your search criteria you will be notified! It’s as simple as that. Facebook is constantly making changes to the Marketplace portion of their app.

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