Why can’t I see my followers on Facebook?

If you’ve allowed people to follow you, you can see a list of your followers by going to your profile, clicking Friends below your cover photo and then clicking Followers. If you don’t have any followers, you won’t see this option.

How can I make my Facebook followers visible?

Your Followers on Facebook are publicly visible to anyone.

First of all you have to enable the follow option on your profile !

  1. Go to your profile settings.
  2. On the left side , click public posts option.
  3. Under Public Post Filters and Tools , set privacy to public in Who Can Follow Me section.
  4. You are done.

Why are some of my followers hidden on Facebook?

Rick’s answer: Curtis, the “Followers” that are hiding their info from you have their profiles set to “Friends”. … Therefore their info is hidden from your view in accordance with their accounts’ privacy settings.

How do I see who is following me on Facebook?

How to see who is following you on Facebook

  1. Go to your friends tab and select the “More” section. Click the “More” tab. …
  2. Click “Following.” Select “Following.” …
  3. Scroll through the list of who’s following you. Scroll through to see who follows your profile. …
  4. Facebook users can choose to “follow” a page without liking it.
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How can I see my followers on Facebook app?

On the app, click onto your profile tab, then click the “See More About Yourself” button located under your About section. If you scroll down to the bottom of this new page, past your educational history, interests, and birthday, a list of your followers will be visible at the bottom.

Why are my followers not seeing my posts on Facebook?

But unless they’re interacting (liking, reacting to, commenting, or sharing) immediately with your content, there’s a chance Facebook’s algorithm will hide your post so no one will see it. They do this because they want you, as a public Page and presumably a business, to pay for visibility through Facebook Ads.

How do you know if someone unfollowed you on Facebook 2020?

To check and see who is currently following you go to the “More” tab located on your profile page and click on “Followers.” If you don’t see someone who’s still on your friends list, it means they’ve unfollowed you.

Can you follow someone on facebook without them knowing?

In the moment of write This article, Facebook does not officially allow you to follow a person without them knowing. Whether you decide to send him a friend request or follow his updates, you will be notified with a notification of what happened.

How do I see my followers on Facebook Timeline 2021?

If you want to allow anyone to see your followers on your Facebook profile or timeline, select Public in “Who Can See Your Followers On Your Timeline.” If you only want your friends to see your followers, select Friends. To hide your followers, choose Only Me.

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How do I turn friend requests into followers?

Convert friend requests into followers

From the drop-down menu, click “Settings” option. Now move to “Followers” tab. Under “Who can follow me?” section, change the audience to “Everybody” and that’s it.

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