What is a good audience retention rate YouTube?

What is the Average Audience Retention Rate for YouTube? According to some reports, the average audience retention rate for YouTube hovers between 50% and 60%. That means the typical YouTube viewer watching a typical YouTube video can be expected to stick around for 50% to 60% of the video’s entire duration.

What is a good average percentage viewed on YouTube?

If you want to be popular on YouTube, the average viewed time on your videos should be as high as possible. If people are watching your videos till the end, YouTube will recommend your videos to users. There’s no ideal percentage for this but 75–80% should be good, in my opinion.

What should my audience retention be?

Anywhere above 60% is a really good Average Percentage Viewed. But I know you can get even closer to 100% or beyond (you can go above 100% if viewers are re-watching certain parts or the entire video).

What does audience retention mean on YouTube?

The audience retention report measures how many viewers are still watching your video during your video playback. It also shows you when your audience stopped watching. … Note that audience retention data typically takes 1–2 days to process.

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Is 50 views on YouTube good?

For most videos, an average view duration in the 70-80% range is performing well. Anything above that is a very well constructed video.

What will happen if I don’t get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in one year?

You’ll notice the metric is in amber, meaning the channel hasn’t yet reached 4,000 hours. Once it has surpassed 4,000 hours, however, the metric will become green (you hit the target, pal!), and once you surpass 5,000 hours, it will disappear.

How do you get a good audience retention?

9 Ways to Improve Audience Retention on YouTube

  1. Take advantage of the video chapters function.
  2. Offer a sneak peek.
  3. Pick video topics with the help of keyword research.
  4. Use a script.
  5. Post consistently.
  6. Be concise.
  7. Deliver value as quickly as possible.
  8. Use onscreen graphics.


How does audience retention work?

Audience Retention (sometimes referred to as “Viewer Retention”) is the average percentage of a YouTube video that people watch. Videos with high Audience Retention scores tend to have increased visibility on YouTube’s platform. For example, let’s say you just published a video that’s 10 minutes long.

Does audience retention matter on YouTube?

Audience Retention

YouTube elevates videos with high audience retention in their search rankings and suggestions because these videos can effectively capture viewers’ attention. Audience retention can also inform your future video strategy. The most engaging parts of your video could be your next best video topics.

Why do views drop on YouTube?

One reason for suddenly dropping views is that new videos simply push your winners out for a few days. If your older video is getting a lot of views from Browse, on viewers’ home page, then any new videos that YouTube promotes are going to compete for those views.

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Why is audience retention in your YouTube Analytics important?

The measurement of how much of a video someone watches on YouTube is called audience retention. The audience retention report in YouTube Analytics not only helps you see how much of your videos viewers watch but also when they drop off. Knowing when viewers leave can give you insight into why they leave.

What is high retention YouTube Views?

High retention Youtube views refer to the number of people who actually watched the entire video and not just those who clicked the link and immediately closed the window. Importance is given more on the length of time spent by users watching the video and not just merely on how many clicks it get.

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