What Does friends but not acquaintances mean on Facebook?

When you choose to share something to friends except acquaintances, it will exclude people you’ve added to your acquaintances list from the post’s audience.

What is the difference between friends and friends except acquaintances on Facebook?

If you want them to be part of your post then you can add them on acquaintances list. Facebook acquaintances are people you might want to share less with on Facebook. However, you can choose to exclude these people when you post something by choosing Friends except Acquaintances in the audience selector.

What happened to friends except acquaintances on Facebook?

Acquaintances are people you might want to share less with on Facebook. You can choose to exclude these people when you post something by choosing Friends except Acquaintances in the audience selector. No one will be notified if you add them to this list.

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What can Facebook acquaintances see?

Facebook friends added to your Acquaintances list will be able to see your photos, unless you have your privacy settings on those photos set as Custom: Friends except Acquaintances. When you choose the Custom privacy setting, you can selectively share something with specific people, or hide it from specific people.

What are the different friend levels on Facebook?

To help you get started, you have friend lists for:

  • Close Friends: Friends you may want to share exclusively with.
  • Acquaintances: People you might want to share less with. …
  • Restricted: This list is for people you’ve added as a friend but just don’t want to share with, like your boss.

Does friends except show on Facebook?

Click the Privacy drop-down list next to your name and profile image. It will display the most recent option you’ve used, such as Public or Friends. In the Select Privacy list, choose Friends Except. … The name or names will appear in the Friends Who Won’t See Your Post box at the bottom of the window.

Did Facebook Get Rid of acquaintance?

Last fall, Facebook very quietly added one of its most important features in a long time: Acquaintances. A Facebook Acquaintance pretty much disappears from your News Feed. You can block them from your own posts with only a click.

How do I change friends to acquaintances on Facebook?

Go to your friend’s timeline page by clicking on their name. 2. Hover over the Friends button and choose “Acquaintances”. You’ll now see an icon next to the word “Friends”, which indicates that this friend is on your Acquaintances list.

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Can acquaintances see my story on Facebook?

Next to Your Story in the bottom right, click the audience selector: Public: Your Facebook friends, followers and people you’ve chatted with on Messenger will see your stories. … Your Messenger connections will not see your story. Custom: You can select specific people who will be able to see your stories.

Can acquaintances see posts I’m tagged in?

Keep in mind:

This setting defaults to Friends, which means when you’re tagged in a post, you and your friends can see the post, even if they weren’t in the original audience. The post you’re tagged in may be shared with the original audience, as well as the friends you suggest.

How can you tell if someone has restricted you on Facebook?

How can I tell if a friend has restricted me from seeing their posts? The only way you can tell for sure is to ask someone else if they can see any posts from that person. If they can see posts that you can’t, then you’ll know that person has blocked you from seeing their posts.

Can acquaintances see my likes?

The privacy of your like is dependent on the privacy of your friend’s post. if they only share the post with you, then you liking it will only appear in your friend’s activity feed/newsfeed. If they share it with a group of friends it will appear only in that group of friends’ activity feed/newsfeed.

How can you tell if someone hides your posts on Facebook?

Scroll through the wall posts in the middle of the screen. If all the posts are from the other person and yours are missing, he or she has been hiding your posts.

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How can I see people’s hidden friends on Facebook?

Open a new tab and paste https://www. Facebook. com/search/100034868239441/friends. change the number between “SEARCH/……/ friends in the previous one you have copied. Press the enter key to search and the person list of hidden friends on Facebook will show.

How can I control privacy on Facebook?

To view and adjust your privacy settings:

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Privacy in the left column.

Can my friends on Facebook see my other friends posts?

Unfortunately you cannot do so. You can’t even see their comment on your other friends post and even on public pages. Neither will they show up when you search for them or try to tag them.

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