What does 11W mean on Facebook?

Acronym Definition
11W 11th Wolverines Reactionary (gaming clan)

What does 8W mean on Facebook?

The meaning of 8W abbreviation is “Private Wings Flugcharter” What does 8W mean? 8W as abbreviation means “Private Wings Flugcharter”

What does 4W mean on Facebook?

All Definitions of 4W

Acronym Definition
4W Four Wire

What does OBG mean on Facebook?

What does OBG stand for?

Rank Abbr. Meaning
OBG Old But Gold (gaming)
OBG Oldie But Goodie
OBG Open Bottom Girdle
OBG Original Bunny Gang (band)

What does 2W mean on Facebook?

All Definitions of 2W

Acronym Definition
2W Two Wire

What could FB stand for?

Facebook. Fb is an abbreviation for Facebook, the popular social networking website.

What does 8 mean texting?

“Cool” or “Okay” is the most common definition for 8) on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What does 4W mean on a title?

4W. Witness/Other Person Protection.

What is 4W in Instagram?

So there is 1w, 2w, 3w, 4w, 5w, 6w and so on so basically the “w” stands for “weeks” so if it were to say 21w that would mean 21 weeks, same applies for 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s just the “s” stands for seconds for example 21s = 21 seconds. So, to answer your question 6w stands for 6 weeks. 6.5K views. 4.

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What does 7W mean on Facebook?

The meaning of 7W abbreviation is “Wayraperú” What does 7W mean? 7W as abbreviation means “Wayraperú”

What does 2 W stand for?

2W Meaning

2 2W 2-Wire Telecom, Military, Army
1 2W Second word
1 2W Two-wide + 2 variants Design, Technology, Shopping
1 2W Two-Wire Technology, Sensor, Telecom
1 2W Two Wire Technology, Electronics, Wire
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