How many posts can you schedule on Facebook?

The tool lets you schedule a maximum of 350 posts at once. To schedule multiple Facebook posts, save your Facebook content as a CSV file. Include these details for each post: The date and time (using 24-hour time) that your post should publish.

How do you schedule multiple posts on Facebook?

To schedule posts to a Facebook group, open your group page in a new window and paste the comment and link into a new post. To schedule it, click the clock icon next to the blue Post button. Then choose your date and time and click Schedule.

How do I schedule multiple posts?

How to Schedule Multiple Facebook Posts at once

  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Upload. First up, log in to MavSocial and hover over the “Publish” button at the top navigational bar on your screen. …
  2. Step 2: Enter Your Posts. …
  3. Step 3: Upload your file. …
  4. Step 4: Check your schedule.


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Can you make a scheduled post on Facebook?

To schedule a post, tap Schedule for later and select the time and date you want your post to go live. To publish the post now, tap Publish now.

Did Facebook Get Rid of scheduled posts?

Facebook recently made some changes and removed the ability to schedule posts directly on Facebook pages. … To find the Publishing Tools section, look on your Facebook page’s navigation sidebar: Once there, click “Create Post”. Then create your post and choose “Schedule Post” in the dropdown arrow.

How many Facebook posts per day is too many?

How Often to Post on Facebook. Most studies agree that once per day is optimal, with a maximum of two posts per day. Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day. At a minimum, you should post to your Facebook Pages 3 times per week.

Why is Facebook making me schedule posts?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do I schedule Facebook posts on my Iphone 2020?

Click on the drop-down of the Publish button. Choose Schedule. Set the Date and Time and click on Schedule.

How do you stop scheduled posts on Facebook?

Scheduling a Facebook Post – Changing a scheduled post is easy! Once in the log, you’ll see “Scheduled Posts”. Hover over the right top corner of the post you want to change to see your options. To delete the post and start over, click “cancel post”.

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Where are my scheduled posts on Facebook?

Go to your group and tap in the top right. Tap Scheduled Posts. You’ll see a list of all posts you currently have scheduled in the group. Tap to the right of a scheduled post to edit, delete, reschedule or post immediately.

How do I boost scheduled posts on Facebook?

You can easily boost a post by navigating to the Content page and clicking the # count of Upcoming Posts adjacent to any given piece of content. This loads the Post Detail view for scheduled posts. Then navigate to the post you would like to boost and click “Boost Post.”

Why are my scheduled Facebook posts not posting?

If your social posts are not publishing at the exact scheduled time, but are publishing within 10 minutes of the time (before or after), it’s likely that your publishing schedule is set to Publish like a human.

Can all admins see scheduled posts on Facebook?

Click the gray Manage button at the top of the page to expand the drop-down menu. Select the Use Activity Log option. Here you will be able to see all of your pre-scheduled posts listed by month. Hover your mouse to the right of the post you want to edit to reveal a gray down arrow and drop-down menu.

Is there an app to schedule Facebook posts?

HootSuite. HootSuite allows you to schedule and publish updates across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, WordPress, MySpace, and Foursquare.

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