How does Facebook know my age?

By default, Facebook displays your birth date and age on your profile page, allowing others to see this information. … You can choose to display your birth month and day, but not your birth year, by choosing this option from the “Edit Profile” section of the website.

How do I hide my age on Facebook 2020?

Click the pull-down list immediately underneath your birthday information. The default setting is “Show my full birthday on my timeline.” Select the option, “Don’t show my birthday on my timeline.” Scroll down to the bottom of Basic Info settings and click the “Save” button to save the change.

Can you see someones age on Facebook?

Thankfully, Facebook is happy to help here – the site lets you find birthdays relatively easily. Simply log into your account, click on the Events option in the menu on the left, and then click on Birthdays. The Birthday section in Events. Here, you’ll see a list of everyone’s birthday sorted by month.

Does Facebook show your date of birth?

Your birthday will display at the top of your profile, above the Wall. Everyone who creates a Facebook profile is required to give a full and accurate birth date to the site, but you can hide the date for privacy purposes.

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Why does Facebook need my birthdate?

Your birthday. When you signed up for Facebook, it asked for your birthdate. This is both to confirm that you’re older than 13, and so Facebook can remind your friends to wish you a happy birthday. Unfortunately, your birthdate is a piece of information that identity thieves will need if they want to pretend to be you.

Is it safe to put your birthday on Facebook?

Facebook isn’t alone in requiring real names. Most terms of service stipulate that you must provide accurate information. … But your birthday, mother’s maiden name, and other private data that could be used to identify you — or to steal your identity — should be given up strictly on a need-to-know basis.

Can you remove your date of birth from Facebook?

You can hide your birthday on Facebook by changing your privacy settings on a computer or mobile device. You have the option to hide your part of your birthday information or entirely.

What happened to birthdays on Facebook 2021?

With the latest updates on Facebook’s mobile app, you can no longer view your friend’s upcoming birthdays all at once with a specific tab. But, you can check their birthdays by navigating to their individual profile. And, it depends on your friend’s privacy settings.

How do you see someones hidden birthday on Facebook?

You can also click on any event in the top right of your homepage and then click See All.

  1. From calendar view, your friends’ profile pictures mark their birthdays.
  2. From list view, birthdays appear in chronological order as you scroll through your events.
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Where are the birthdays on Facebook 2020?

On the left hand side of your feed, under “Explore” click “Events” On the left hand side under “Events” click “Birthdays” Now you can scroll through and see “Today’s Birthdays,” “Recent Birthdays,” and “Upcoming Birthdays”

Does FB ask you to confirm your phone number?

Facebook Asks Every User For A Verified Phone Number To Prevent Security Disaster. … If Facebook were to get hacked or an individual got their account stolen, having confirmed phone numbers lets Facebook wipe people’s passwords immediately and send them new ones via SMS.

How safe is FB?

With all the reports of companies getting hacked, information being stolen, and the whole personal identity theft issue, you may be left wondering whether Facebook is safe to use. Overall, Facebook as a website is a safe place. There is built-in security that helps to protect you and your information.

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