How do you stop bad comments on YouTube?

If the comment violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines, it will be removed. Hide the user. You can block a user from commenting straight from their inappropriate comment or in the “Community” tab in your channel Settings. Users are not alerted when you block them.

How do I stop inappropriate comments on YouTube?

Handle hurtful or inappropriate comments

  1. Remove the comment and all of its replies. Do this by clicking the three dots next to the comment and selecting ‘Remove’. …
  2. Create a blocked words list. Sometimes people may use words or phrases that you don’t want to see on your channel. …
  3. Add comment moderators. …
  4. Turn off comments completely.

What do you do with negative YouTube comments?

How to deal with hate and negative comments on YouTube

  1. Respond if you feel like it.
  2. Report them to YouTube.
  3. Email YouTube customer service to block the IP from your channel.
  4. Set your YouTube comments to require approval before they’re posted live.
  5. Block haters in YouTube.


Can you censor comments on YouTube?

You can hide comments from specific viewers from showing on your channel. Additionally, their comments won’t show on your Comments page in YouTube Studio. To report abuse, harassment, inappropriate content, or privacy complaints, visit the Safety Center.

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Why are my YouTube comments disappearing?

it can happen if they see a word they don’t like, like “moron”, as they censor a lot.. or if there is a link they might.. hide the comment like they might just assume any link or a link, is spam. they also often cut peoples comments off now too, and that’s when they do show them.

Why do people turn YouTube comments off?

#2 Disabling comments can frustrate and alienate viewers who do have something positive to say. Give those people a platform before writing off their opinions. #3 Leaving comments enable can generate even more interest in your video.

Should I respond to negative YouTube comments?

Do not respond to negative comments with no legitimate reasons. Silence is the best answer for trolls. Do not feed the negativity as this is what they want to they get entertained by the responses.

How do you handle negative comments?

How to handle negative comments on social media

  1. Don’t ignore negative comments.
  2. Apologize sincerely.
  3. Don’t make false promises.
  4. Be polite.
  5. Take it out of the spotlight.
  6. Personalize your message.
  7. Reply instantly.
  8. Explain yourself.

Does YouTube delete comments with bad words?

These phrases seem to have been accidentally added to YouTube’s comment filters, which automatically remove spam and offensive text. The comments are removed too quickly for human moderation and are deleted even if the banned phrases are used positively (e.g., “The 五毛 are doing a fantastic job”).

Is swearing on YouTube bad?

Top Tip: It’s best to avoid profanity, as that’s the only way to follow YouTube’s guidelines flawlessly. But if you have to say some risky words – especially if they’re crucial to the main idea – save them for later in the video.

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Where did my YouTube comments go?

You can view public comments you’ve left across YouTube. Go to Comment History. To go to the original place you posted your comment, click or tap the content.

Where are my YouTube comments?

Here’s how to do it:

  • Use your browser to sign into your account.
  • Click on the three parallel lines on the top left corner.
  • From the dropdown menu, select “History.”
  • Click on “Comments” on the bottom right corner of your screen. You should see a list of all the comments you’ve posted, arranged in chronological order.


Why can’t I see YouTube comments 2020?

Clear Browsing Data. … However, mismatched cache data or missing data can cause all sorts of errors, and YouTube comments not loading is one of them. To fix this error, clear all your Google Chrome data like cookies and cached images and files.

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