How do you forward a tweet to someone?

How do I send a tweet to someone else?

To send a tweet to someone, type the person’s username in the format “@username” (without quotes). Enter the username at the beginning of the tweet to send an @reply, or enter it within the tweet to send a mention.

How do you copy and send a tweet?

Twitter: Here’s How to Copy the Link to a Tweet on Mobile

  1. Step 1: Tap the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the tweet you’d like to share.
  2. Step 2: Tap “Share Tweet via …” Note: If you’re on Android, you won’t need to complete this step.
  3. Step 3: Tap “Copy Link to Tweet” to copy the tweet’s URL to your device clipboard.


Can you tweet someone if they’re not following you?

If you want to send Tweets such as mentions or replies to people who are not following you, unprotect your Tweets to make them public. If you’re not the sender or recipient of a reply, you may still see a reply to someone else in your timeline.

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How do you forward a tweet via text?

How to share a Tweet via SMS or email through Android. To share a Tweet via SMS or email android users can use the below -given steps: Step 1: Open Twitter on your Android device. Step 2: Next tap the Share icon from a Tweet on your Home timeline or from a Tweet detail.

What happens when you tweet someone?

If you @ someone to mention or reply to them, it shows up in their “@mentions.” This means, even if they’re not following you, they’ll be able to see that you’re tweeting about them. Mentioning someone on Twitter can be a great way to get their attention, quickly.

How do you tweet something?

How to Tweet

  1. Type your Tweet (up to 280 characters) into the compose box at the top of your Home timeline, or click the Tweet button in the navigation bar.
  2. You can include up to 4 photos, a GIF, or a video in your Tweet.
  3. Click the Tweet button to post the Tweet to your profile.

How to link to a Tweet, Moment, List, or Twitter Space

  1. Navigate to the Tweet you’d like the URL of.
  2. Tap the share icon.
  3. Tap Share Tweet via.
  4. Select Copy link to Tweet. The URL should now be copied to your clipboard.

How do you quote a tweet without linking it?

  1. Find one of your tweets and click the ‘Reply’ link.
  2. When the ‘Compose’ box appears, just delete your username, and type whatever text you want.
  3. Click the ‘Tweet’ button and it will appear threaded as a reply, even without your username appearing in the reply. You can do this in succession i.e.
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How to add a thread

  1. Tap the compose icon.
  2. Pull down from the compose window and tap Continue Thread to Add to your last Tweet.
  3. Add content, and tap Tweet to add to your thread.
  4. To add a thread to an earlier Tweet, click to Select another Tweet.

Who sees my tweets if I have no followers?

Your protected Tweets will only be searchable on Twitter by you and your followers. Replies you send to an account that isn’t following you will not be seen by that account (because only your followers will see your Tweets).

Can someone see if I look at their twitter?

Simply put, no. There is no way for a Twitter user to know exactly who views their Twitter or specific tweets; there’s no Twitter search for that kind of thing. The only way to know for sure if someone has seen your Twitter page or posts is through direct engagement — a reply, a favorite, or a retweet.

Do people see when you tag them on twitter?

Yes, they will see that you’ve mentioned them. As long as your account is public and someone hasn’t blocked you, they are able to see all your tweets and will be notified when you contact them.

How do I forward a text message?

Open the texting app you usually use and tap on the conversation that includes the text message(s) you’re trying to forward. 2. Tap and hold one of the text messages that you want to forward. When a menu pops up, tap on “Forward Message.”

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What are SMS commands twitter?

Send direct messages, mark Tweets as favorites, and more.

D [username] + message: sends that person a Direct Message that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive. M [username] + message: sends a private message.

How do you send a text message from twitter to a cell phone?

How to Set Up Twitter Text Messages (SMS Delivery)

  1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of your home screen.
  2. Click Settings in the drop-down menu. …
  3. Click the Mobile tab.
  4. Select your country/region, enter your mobile phone number in the text field, and then click the Activate Phone button.
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