How do I share a photo to a group on Facebook?

How do I post a picture to a group on Facebook?

How do I share photos or videos to a Facebook group?

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. If you don’t see Groups, click See More.
  2. Click Photo/Video at the top of the group.
  3. Choose a photo or video from your computer, then click Post.

How do I share a photo with a group?

Tap on any other pictures you’d also like to share, then click the Share button, which looks like an upward arrow in the iOS app and a sideways V in the Android one. If your contacts also use Google Photos, you can add these pics to a shared folder that friends can view and add photos to.

How do I post a photo to a group on Facebook from my Iphone?

How do I share photos or videos to a Facebook group?

  1. Tap in the bottom right of Facebook and tap Groups then Your Groups, then select your group. …
  2. Tap Write something… …
  3. Tap Photo/Video.
  4. Choose a photo or video from your phone’s library or take a new one, then tap Done.
  5. Write an optional caption and then tap Post.
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How do I post to a group on Facebook 2020?

How to post in a Facebook group

  1. Select Groups in the left menu and click on your group.
  2. Click write something!
  3. From here, you can compose a post, share a photo or video, add a poll, create an event, and more.

Can your friends see what you post in a private group on Facebook?

No. Your friends will NOT be able to see a post you post in a private Facebook group unless they are members too.

How do I post a picture from my gallery to Facebook?

How to share a picture to Facebook from your Android photo gallery

  1. Launch the Photos app from your Home screen or the app drawer.
  2. Tap a photo you’d like to share to Facebook.
  3. Tap the Share button. …
  4. Tap the Facebook button.
  5. Type or add any information you find pertinent: tag friends, add location, add feelings.
  6. Tap Post.


What’s the best way to share photos with friends?

Set the Amazon Photos app (free, iOS and Android) to auto-save photos from your phone camera. You can share your unlimited photo storage with up to five other people in your Family Vault. You can also share links to your photos and albums with anyone, even if they’re not Prime members.

What’s the best way to share photos?

The best private photo sharing sites

  1. Google Photos: Best free photo sharing site. …
  2. Amazon Photos: Best way to share photos for Prime members. …
  3. Dropbox: Best way to share photos and more. …
  4. WeTransfer: Quickly send your pictures. …
  5. Flickr: Best of the photo sharing sites. …
  6. SmugMug: Quality photo sharing website.
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What is the best way to share digital photos?

The best photo storage and sharing sites today

  1. Flickr. The best photo storage service overall. …
  2. 500px. Photo storage for pro photographers. …
  3. Google Photos. The best photo storage option for backing up photos from your smartphone. …
  4. Amazon Prime Photos. …
  5. Apple iCloud. …
  6. Adobe Portfolio. …
  7. ImageShack. …
  8. Photobucket.

How do you share a post on Facebook with a group on IPAD?

Go to the post and tap Share. Tap Share to a Group. Search for or select your group name. Add optional text and tap Share Now.

How do you post a picture from iPhone to Facebook?

Tap Camera on your iPhone, take a picture, tap the Share button (the one with the little curved arrow), then tap “Email Photo.” In the “To:” line, tap in the name of the contact you just created (“Facebook photo,” in my case), tap a message in the Subject line, and press “Send.” Whoosh!

How do I invite a page to a group?

Select the group then click + Join Group below the cover photo. Select whether you’d like to join as your profile or your Page and click Join Group. But Remember :Group admins may not allow Pages to join their groups. Pages can only request to join groups and can’t be invited to join secret groups.

How do I join a Facebook group if I already have a member?

If your personal profile account is already a member of the group, you can see on the left side of the page your profile photo that would say “Interact as yourself”, click on that button and you will see “Choose how you interact in this group”, this will give you an option to post, react, invite people, and explore as …

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How do I post to a group anonymously on Facebook?

How to Post Anonymous Posts on Facebook Group

  1. Step 1: Find the “Anonymous Post” button. Go to the Facebook Group home page. Click ‘Anonymous Post’ circled in red below. …
  2. Step 2: Read the pop-up. The following pop-up will appear. …
  3. Step 3: Stay anonymous in your content. Create your post as you normally would.


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