How do I reduce marketplace price on Facebook?

When should I lower marketplace price on Facebook?

If it’s something you are willing to take less $ for and really just want it out of your house, then consider dropping the price for a quick sale. But if you’re willing to wait and can deal with the extra space an item is taking up, then I’d personally drop the price 5-10% and renew every 2 weeks or so.

How do I change price range on Facebook marketplace?

When setting up the “about us” tab on your FB page, in the details section of your description there is an option to set up a price range.

How do I use Facebook Marketplace discount?

Click on Promotions and choose Discounts. Click Create Discount and choose how you want to apply your discount.

How long does a listing stay on Facebook marketplace?

Listings will be available for as long as the seller chooses — they can remove it at any time. After the first 7 days, if your item has not been sold yet, you can decide to renew your listing.

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How do I ship something to Marketplace on Facebook?

To start offering shipping for your items on Marketplace:

  1. From your News Feed, click Marketplace.
  2. Click Create New Listing, then click Item for Sale. Enter the details for an item you’d like to sell.
  3. Click Next, then click Set up Shipping. …
  4. Enter your legal name, date of birth and mailing address.

How many items can you sell on Facebook marketplace?

Originally Answered: How many items can you sell on the Facebook marketplace? The maximum number is 150 items on a daily basis.

What does $$ mean?

$$ = Moderately expensive, usually between $10-$25. $$$ = Expensive, usually between $25-$45. $$$$ = Very Expensive, usually $50 and up.

Where are my saved items in Facebook marketplace?

Go to Click a saved category in the left menu or click a saved item to view it.

How do you get a discount on the marketplace?


  • Navigate to Marketplace on your phone or computer.
  • Click SELLING to find a list of things you are selling.
  • Click MANAGE. A dropdown will appear.
  • Here you can change the price or any details.
  • Hit SAVE and you are done.


What is the etiquette for Facebook marketplace?

If there is something wrong with an item, for goodness sakes’, disclose it ahead of time. Don’t change the price on something without notice. Don’t sell an item to someone else when another person is actively purchasing it. Don’t sell stolen goods or items you got in “Buy Nothing” groups.

Why are Facebook marketplace prices so low?

This is majorly because Facebook marketplace has a lot of competition with sellers showcasing similar products; customers tend to go to the seller who can offer them the best price.

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What is not allowed on Facebook marketplace?

Examples of things that can’t be sold on Facebook

Not a real item: Anything that isn’t a physical product for sale. For example, “in search of” posts, lost and found posts, jokes and news aren’t allowed. … Animal for sale: Selling animals isn’t allowed on Marketplace or buy and sell groups.

Can you get money back from Facebook marketplace?

Assuming you are eligible, you can start a refund process using Facebook’s Purchase Protection if you didn’t receive your order, you received damaged goods, if the seller didn’t follow their own refund policy, or if the purchase was unauthorized.

Will my friends see items I sell on Facebook marketplace?

Products posted in Marketplace can be viewed by anyone with access to Marketplace. Products are not automatically published in a person’s News Feed, and a person’s friends will not be notified about the product unless the seller chooses to share it with them.

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