How do I hide myself on YouTube?

How do I make myself private on YouTube?

Sign in to YouTube. In the top right, click your profile picture . In the left Menu, select Privacy. Turn on or off Keep all my subscriptions private.

How do I temporarily hide my YouTube channel?

Using desktop, sign in to YouTube with the channel you want to hide. Head to your advanced account settings. At the bottom of this page, select Delete channel — but don’t panic! You’ll be taken to a page where you can delete or hide your channel.

How do I hide my videos on YouTube?

Change video privacy settings

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Content.
  3. Point to the video that you’d like to update. To see your live uploads, select the Live tab.
  4. Click the down arrow under ‘Visibility’ and choose Public, Private or Unlisted.
  5. Save.

Can anyone see my YouTube history?

When logged into your Google account, the videos you view on YouTube will be logged into your YouTube viewing history. This information is not publicly viewable and can only be seen by someone logged directly into your Google account.

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Can YouTube history be tracked?

When you’re signed into your Google account, YouTube keeps track of the videos you’ve viewed and your search history. You can delete any individual video, search, or all of them.

Should I use my real name on YouTube?

Using your real name on YouTube can be helpful if you’re hoping to build an online profile. Even if it’s a company brand and not a personal brand you want to create, using your real name is one of the very first steps to having authority and credibility on the platform.

Why is YouTube using my real name?

The person’s name is taken from his/her Google+ account, since Google requires the real name of someone signing up for a Google+ account (unless you’re a celebrity, that is). After the “start using your full name” box appears, users can refuse to start using their real names.

How do I delete someone else’s video on YouTube?

While you can’t directly remove videos others have uploaded, there is a reporting system in place to have YouTube review and remove content if it violates the Terms of Service or the law.

Can I put a video on YouTube and make it private?

Sign into your YouTube account. Click on Upload at the top of the page. Before you start uploading the video you can chose the video privacy settings. … If you set the video privacy setting to Private or Unlisted, just click Done to finish the upload or click Share to privately share your video.

Will YouTube delete private videos?

YouTube has the right to delete your video if it is against YouTube’s Terms of Use. If your videos do not violate the Terms of Use, the videos will stay there forever.

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How long does it take to delete a YouTube video?

A person can delete a YouTube channel in like 10 minutes.

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