How do I get notified when someone posts to a group on Facebook?

How do I get notifications from a specific person on Facebook?

Just navigate to a friend’s Facebook profile page and look for the “Friends” button floating over their cover photo. Click the button to pull up the drop down menu and select either “Get Notifications” or “Close Friends”, depending on your preference.

Why do I not get notifications from Facebook groups?

If your settings are ok and you are still not getting notifications, here are a few things to try: – Log out of Facebook by clicking the arrow on the top right corner and click “Logout”; – Clear cookies and cache, if you’re using a computer; … – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do I turn on notifications for a Facebook post?

To turn on Facebook Post notifications, simply follow these steps: Go to any post you want to get notifications from. Click on the three-dotted button above the post. Select ‘Turn on notifications for this post’ from the drop-down menu.

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How do I get notified when someone posts on Facebook Mobile 2020?

Go to the Page. Click then select Follow Settings. Below Notifications, select what types of posts you want to be notified about: Standard, Highlights, All Notifications or Off.

Why do I get FB notifications from one person?

Why does Facebook always alert me with notifications to when a particular person posts? Maybe you added them as a close friends. When you put them as a close friend, it will give you every notification that person has posted.

Do you get a notification if you are removed from a Facebook group?

Members won’t be notified if you leave. You’re removed from the member list and the group will be removed from your list of groups. You’ll no longer get group notifications or see group posts in News Feed. People will no longer know when you’ve seen a group post, even if you saw it before you left the group.

How do I turn my notifications back on?

Turn App Notifications On / Off – Android

  1. From a Home screen, do one of the following: …
  2. Tap an app. …
  3. Tap ‘Notifications’ or ‘App notifications’.
  4. Do one of the following: …
  5. When turned on, tap any of the available options or switches next to them to turn on or off:

Why doesnt Facebook notify me when I comment?

You need to change your comment notification preferences. With the new smart filter, some comments are being withheld after a certain period of time. To stop this from occurring, you need to change your preferences. To do this (on mobile or desktop; image from desktop), you need to go to your settings.

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Can someone tell if you turn on post notifications on Facebook?

The person who posted won’t be notified that you turned notifications on or off. Learn more about choosing what you get notifications about on Facebook.

Does the person know if you turn on notifications on Facebook?

But if you are going to turn on notifications on the post, owner will not get notified. If you follow someone, he/she will get notified once that you followed him/her. You can set priority to see his/her post at first on your feed, this time he/she won’t get notified.

Why are my notifications not showing up?

Review the App’s Notification Settings

If restarting your phone didn’t do the job, one of the most common reasons why notifications don’t show on Android is because of something in the notification settings of the app in question.

Where are Facebook favorites?

Click the “Likes” link below the user’s cover photo. This loads a page displaying the user’s favorites. If the user has not upgraded to Facebook Timeline, instead click the “Info” link from the panel on the left side of the profile. Scroll down the Info page to view the favorites.

How can I stop my friends getting notified of my likes and comments in Facebook?

How can I stop my friends getting notified of my likes and comments in Facebook? Go to your own Facebook profile page. Go to your own Facebook profile page. You will have to go to your privacy settings on your account and choose “only me” on who can see your likes and comments on public posts.

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How do u follow someone on Facebook?

How to Follow Someone on Facebook

  1. Click the upside-down triangle in the upper-right corner of the big blue bar on top. A menu of options appears.
  2. Select the Settings option. …
  3. Select Followers from the left menu. …
  4. Check the box labeled Turn On Follow.
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