How do I get my photos on twitter?

Tap the camera icon to add a new photo or video to your Tweet. Tap the photo icon to attach an existing photo, video, or GIF. Once you have 2 or more photos selected, you can tap and hold a photo to drag and reorder before Tweeting.

How do I view all my photos on twitter?

User galleries will appear on your user profile and will display up to 100 of your most recent images in your Tweets, in chronological order.

To use:

  1. Go to any Twitter profile page. …
  2. Clicking on View All will open the user gallery in your current window.


Why are my pictures on twitter not showing?

If the problem is only with pictures, the most likely causes are: … Your mobile/ computer settings allow picture download only through wi-fi but you are viewing Twitter without wi-fi. Your Twitter settings have restrictions on saving content on the mobile. Your internet connection is very weak or erratic.

How do I post a picture on twitter from my Iphone?

Step 1 – Launch the app, and click the “new tweet” icon..

  1. Step 2 – Share your thoughts.
  2. Step 3 – Click the camera icon and choose whether to take a new photo or upload an existing one.
  3. Step 4 – Once you’re done editing your tweet, just click on “Tweet” to post.
  4. Step 5 – And you’re all done!
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How can I see old pictures on twitter?

  1. Firstly, you are followed back…. …
  2. Secondly, click on their profile and then click on the left-hand side where it shows “PHOTOS & VIDEOS” … you can scroll through the images … or click on “SHOW ALL” on the bottom right if that is what floats your boat.

How do you access media on Twitter without an account?

To get immediate access to Twitter without an account, just go directly to Twitter’s search page (see Resources for link). If you type a name or a word about what you’re looking for in the search field, you will begin seeing tweets right away.

How do you get Twitter to display an inline image for an (image) link you tweet? This feature is called twitter cards. To encourage website owners and third party image upload websites twitter introduced a future called twitter cards. Normally if upload photos directly on twitter will stream the image directly.

How do I upload pictures to Twitter from my phone?

Tap the Tweet icon ( on iOS or Android). Tap the photo icon to take a photo or to select one from your camera roll. Tap the sticker icon from the selected photo to launch a library of stickers to choose from. Tap the sticker(s) you want and then drag with your finger to where you place it where you want it.

Can you post pictures on Twitter?

Would you like to add a photo, video, or animated GIF to your tweets? You can use the Twitter app on your Android or iOS device, or from a Twitter’s website using your web browser. You can attach up to four photos, one video, or one GIF to any individual tweet.

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How do I post to twitter from my iPhone?

Compose your message (up to 280 characters) and tap Tweet. Enter your message (up to 280 characters), and then tap Tweet. A notification will appear in the status bar on your device and will go away once the Tweet successfully sends.

How do I download my twitter archive 2020?

Go to your Account settings by clicking on the more icon in the navigation bar, and selecting Your account from the menu. Click on Download an archive of your data. Enter your password under Download an archive of your data, then click Confirm.

How far back can you see tweets?

Unfortunately, Twitter only displays your last 3200 tweets in your timeline, so if you’re anything like me (I’ve been on Twitter since May 2009 and have well over 40,000 tweets), that won’t cut it.

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