How do I change my cover photo privacy on Facebook?

How do I change the privacy of my current cover photo on Facebook?

If you add a cover photo to your profile, it will be visible to the public, just like your profile picture.

However, you can change the privacy of your past cover photos:

  1. Click the past cover photo to expand it.
  2. Click on the audience selector.
  3. Select the audience you want to share the photo with.

Why can’t I make my cover photo private on Facebook?

If you want to restrict who can see your photos, it’s a little more involved. Go to your profile, click Photos > Albums, then click the album you want to adjust. Click Edit, then under Privacy, choose who can see it. … To do so, head to your profile, then click About underneath your cover photo.

How can I make my cover photo Private 2020?

When you receive the update, navigate to your photo albums homepage and open the one titled Cover Photos. To change the audience of a photo, click it, and then hover over the icon next to the date. Choose your new privacy setting for the photo from the dropdown menu.

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Is cover photo always public?

Facebook Help Team

Your current cover photo and profile picture are always public, but you can change the privacy setting individually for each of the other photos in your Cover Photos and Profile Pictures albums.

How do I hide my cover photo from public?

You can’t.

  1. The turn off comments is only available in groups: There is no way to turn off commenting for posts on your Business Page. …
  2. The current Facebook profile and cover picture would always be public: …
  3. You can’t disable comments for everyone on your public profile info:


How can I private my photos in Facebook?


  1. Go to your profile. Click your name in the top-right side of the Facebook page.
  2. Click the Photos tab. You’ll find this below the cover photo that’s at the top of your Facebook page.
  3. Select a photo category. …
  4. Select a photo. …
  5. Click the “Privacy” icon. …
  6. Click More…. …
  7. Click Only Me.


How do I make my facebook as private as possible?

To get to the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools screen:

  1. Select the arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook screen.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy in the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Select Privacy in the left pane.
  5. The first item listed is Who can see your future posts. …
  6. Select Close to save the change.


How do I change my Facebook page from public to private?

To change the privacy of a public Facebook group you admin:

  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group. If you don’t see Groups, click See More.
  2. Click Settings in the left menu.
  3. Click next to Privacy.
  4. Select Private and then click Save.
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How do I make my Facebook completely private to non friends?

Click on the “Friends” selection box beneath “Control Your Default Privacy.” Click on “Manage Past Post Visibility.” Click on “Limit Old Posts” to limit your archived posts to friends only.

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