Frequent question: What counts as a link click on Facebook?

Link clicks are the number of clicks on links to select destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook-owned properties. (ex: someone clicks Shop Now on your ad and goes to your website).

What’s the difference between clicks and link clicks?

Clicks (all) occurs when someone clicks on any link or media on your Facebook Ad. Link Clicks occurs when someone clicks a link or CTA (Call-To-Action) on your ad that sends them to your defined landing page or follow-up experience.

CTR (Link Click-Through Rate) is calculated as Link Clicks divided by Impressions. The higher the percentage, the better, as you want as many people as possible who saw your ad to make a click.

Facebook doesn’t offer an analytics feature that allows you to track clicks on links added to the Facebook wall. The only way to track clicks from your Facebook wall links is to use a URL shortening service for each external link that you post to your wall.

Keyword-based URL trigger

  1. Select your bot from the bot dashboard and click Bot Settings from the right panel.
  2. On the General tab, find the section labeled, “Select how the bot runs”, and select the “Pops up under certain conditions” option.
  3. Click Save and Continue to save your changes.
  4. Publish your bot.
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What does clicks all mean?

Clicks on an image or a call-to-action button within an ad that uses the Traffic objective. … Clicks on ad formats that take someone into a full-screen experience, such as lead forms, Canvas and collection. Clicks to websites and app stores directly from links in the ad on News Feed.

A link click means that a person clicked a link in your ad. A ‘landing page view’ is when a person lands on your ad’s destination URL (landing page) after clicking a link in your ad. From Facebook: “Landing page views let you know how many times people loaded your website, after clicking your ad.

Based on the results of our study, a good CTR for Facebook ads is between 2-5%. We asked 30+ marketers to share their average CTRs for their Facebook ads, and more than half reported average CTRs within that range.

Click the slider in your ad setup for “Optimize for link clicks until there is enough data to optimize for conversions. This can help improve results.” You also have the option of optimizing purely to link clicks, until the campaign has enough conversion data.

Definition: Unique link clicks estimates how many people performed a link click, using sampled data. This metric uses sampled data. …

What is a bot URL?

Bot links (formerly REF links) are URLs you can generate that’ll send users directly to a specific portion of your bot.

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A spam filter may be clicking your links.

Some aggressive spam filters click links in emails to check for malicious activity before they’ll deliver them to the recipients.

What is a click bot?

A click bot is a bot that is programmed to carry out click fraud. The simplest click bots will just access a webpage and click the desired link.

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