Does Facebook have free mode?

Facebook Free Mode is available for FB users who make use of the Facebook mobile app. Facebook partners with telecommunication service to make this possible. This mode allows you access FB and make use of FB Messenger. Once you switch to the Free Mode, you will observe something which is, “No Media”.

How do I turn on free mode on Facebook?

Once you login in your FB account using the mobile app, you will notice that at the top of your page it says “You are in Data Mode” found at the top left. Besides that, you will see an inscription in a rectangle which says “Go to Free”.

How do I change from free mode to data mode on Facebook?

So here are feweasy steps you need to followto remove it.

  1. Click on the ? ( question mark) you see beside “You’re in Data Mode”
  2. You will be taken to this page as shown on snapshot below.
  3. Click on the “Edit” option you see on right section. You will be redirected to this page.
  4. Select “Off” option and save it.
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Is there facebook free mode on Iphone?

For instance, you can use Facebook without spending a single dollar as it is completely free. On the other hand, Facebook app is available for various platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone etc. However, you can also use Facebook in browser.

How can I use Facebook for free on my Android phone?

To get the Facebook app, go to the Google Play Store and search for the Facebook for Android app. Download that app. After you install the Facebook app, you may see a Facebook notification icon. Choose that icon and complete the steps required to complete installation.

How do I turn off free mode on Facebook?

Steps to turn off and On free data on Facebook

  1. Open your Facebook app or go to using your mobile browser then login your account.
  2. On upper right, tap “See Photos” to turn off free mode.


How do I change the mode on Facebook?

To turn on dark mode in the Android Facebook app, follow these simple steps:

  1. On Facebook Home, tap the “hamburger” menu icon with three horizontal lines.
  2. Click on “Settings & Privacy” in the main menu.
  3. Tap “Settings” in the submenu.
  4. Select “Dark Mode” to open the custom options.
  5. Select “On” to activate Dark mode.

How can I use Facebook without using data?

You can now use Facebook on the go. Now Facebook users can access Facebook on any mobile without any internet connection, just by dialing *325#.

Access Facebook without Internet

  1. Just dial *325#.
  2. Login with your username & password. …
  3. Access these services as per your wish by sending the respective numbers.
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What is Facebook with free data?

Free Basics is a Facebook-developed mobile app that gives users access to a small selection of data-light websites and services. The websites are stripped of photos and videos and can be browsed without paying for mobile data.

How do I turn on free Facebook on my iPhone?

How to Activate the Facebook Free Mode for iPhones

  1. Log in to the Facebook mobile app.
  2. You will find an inscription in a rectangle that says “Go to Free” on the top left corner of the page.
  3. Click on the Go to Free option.
  4. Verify your action.

How can I get free FB on globe?

Dial *143# and choose FREE FB. FREE Facebook is back!

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