Does Anna Kendrick have a Instagram?

Anna Kendrick (@annakendrick47) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is Anna Kendrick married to?

She is currently in a relationship with Ben Richardson. She has allegedly been with the cinematographer, who worked alongside her on the film Drinking Buddies, since 2014. Before Ben Richardson, Anna Kendrick dated a director named Edgar Wright from 2009 to 2013. The two met while they were filming Scott Pilgrim vs.

How can I contact Anna Kendrick?

Anna Kendrick Agent and Management Contact Details @(annakendrick47)

  1. Direct Tel: 424288.
  2. Direct Email: claur.
  3. Company Tel: 00 1 4.
  4. Website:

Are Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow friends?

Anna Camp and Brittany Snow grew close as part of the aca-awesome Barden Bellas in “Pitch Perfect.” Camp and Snow played co-leaders of the a capella group the Barden Bellas. Besties in the movie, the two eventually became besties off of the set as well. The two have pet names for each other and call each other “elf.”

How old is Anna Kendrick now?

35 лет ()

What’s Anna Kendrick’s net worth?

As of 2021, Anna Kendrick’s net worth is $20 million.

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Net Worth: $20 Million
Age: 35
Born: August 9, 1985
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actress

Who is Anna Kendrick dating now?

Current Relationship: Ben Richardson

Presently, Anna is dating 45-year-old Ben Richardson.

Will there ever be a pitch perfect 4?

Pitch Perfect 4 has yet to be confirmed despite the cast’s constant teases for a fourth outing of the Barden Bellas.

Does Anna Kendrick have Facebook?

Anna Kendrick – Fanpage – Home | Facebook.

What is Anna Kendrick’s height?

5′ 2″

Are Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick still friends?

Are Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively not friends? When you look at the evidence at our disposal at the moment, it looks like the pair are still on good terms. Anna and Blake continue to follow each other on social media even three years after the movie premiered.

Who is Brittany Snow’s husband?

Yes, Tyler Stanaland recently became Brittany Snow’s husband.

Who were Brittany Snow’s bridesmaids?

Before their nuptials, Brittany celebrated with some of her Pitch Perfect pals during a fun-filled bachelorette party. Then costars Anna Camp, Kelley Jakle, and Chrissie Fit made it out to Southern California to serve as bridesmaids for the big day.

Do they really sing in pitch perfect?

Surprisingly enough, über-talented Pitch Perfect actors actually learned how to sing a cappella in real life, and really sing in all the movies. … That being said, ScreenRant describes how some actors chose to pre-record their real voices in a studio for the first Pitch Perfect, rather than sing live on set.

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How old is Brittany Snow?

35 years (March 9, 1986)

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