Can you use your maiden name on Facebook?

How do I add or edit another name (example: nickname, maiden name) on my Facebook profile? If you’d like to list a name on your account that’s different from the name on your ID (example: maiden name, nickname, professional title): To add another name: Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.

Should you put your maiden name on Facebook?

It may seem like common sense not to post your mother’s maiden name on a social networking site, but about 11% of the people who responded to the Identity Theft 911 survey said they did. Identity thieves will hit the jackpot if you reveal this bit of information online.

Can I just go back to using my maiden name?

If you separate, you can revert back to using your maiden name (or a completely different name) immediately by using a deed poll. It is a good way of announcing that you are no longer together and that you are an independent person again without waiting for a divorce to complete.

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Can I add my maiden name to my Facebook page?

You can indeed add either a maiden name—or a plain-old nickname, for that matter—to your Facebook profile, and you’ll also get the option of doing so without changing the way your name is displayed to other Facebook users.

How does maiden name appear on Facebook?

Click the “Edit” link to the right of the row marked “Name” which displays your former (now maiden) name. Change your name in the “last” name box, to read your new “married” name. Type your full maiden (first and last) name into the “Alternate name” box. The next line labelled “Alternate name” is for your maiden name.

How do you put your maiden name and married name on Facebook?

To add another name:

Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click About. Click Details About You. Click Add a nickname, a birth name… below Other Names.

How do you write maiden name with married name?

You can go the “traditional” route and list your “maiden” name first, or you could choose to list your new last name first, followed by your original last name. Some couples decide to have both partners change to the hyphenated last name, as a show of unity and equality.

Can a married woman legally use her maiden name?

Although a married woman may continue to use her maiden name as a professional name, it is, in the eyes of the law, an assumed name. ‘ She is required, therefore, to use her married name in any transaction that by law must be conducted under her legal name.

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Can I use both maiden and married name?

She can use either her maiden name or married name wherever she chooses. … When a bride takes on her husband’s surname after marriage, it is known as an assumed name. She never gives up her right to be known by her prior name and can change her records back at any time, so it’s perfectly legal.

Can I revert to my maiden name without deed poll?

Upon being widowed, a woman can revert to her maiden name without the need for a Deed Poll. Her husbands death certificate with her marriage certificate showing her maiden name should be accepted as documentary evidence.

How do I hide my name on Facebook?

Type your pseudonym or make one up. Facebook doesn’t allow initials and nicknames can only be used in the following format: “First Name, Nickname, Last Name.” The only way to hide your full name is to use a fake one.

What do you call your married last name?

A hyphenated last name is when you and your spouse combine both of your last names with a hyphen. This is also called a double surname. In many states, when you fill out your application for your marriage license, you’ll be writing your intended married name on that application.

What happens when you change your name on Facebook?

Changing your username will not affect your existing followers, Direct Messages or replies. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo when you update.

How do I change my name on Facebook after I get married?

Here is your step by step guide to changing your name on Facebook.

  1. Once you’re logged in, click on the pinwheel on the top right hand side of any facebook page.
  2. Select ‘Account Settings’ (towards the bottom).
  3. Next to your name, select ‘edit’.
  4. Change your name and save!
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