Can you pin DMs on Instagram?

How to Flag Direct Messages. Open your direct messages on Instagram. Swipe left on the desired thread, tap ‘More’ and ‘Flag’ OR tap on the thread and select the flag in the top right corner. You can unflag messages the same way.

Can you lock Instagram messages?

8. After narrowing down those chat conversations, come back to the Locker For Insta Social app and you will see those chats on the app (with a lock sign). This means that your selected chats have become secure chats now and are encrypted with the Insta locker.

Can I control who DMs me on Instagram?

Head to your Privacy settings to add another level of security and customization to your inbox. There, you can block accounts, mute accounts, and categorize conversations as “secret” to encrypt them.

How do I stop spam DMs on Instagram?

How to stop receiving Instagram spam messages. Instagram account holders wishing to stop receiving spam messages on the social media app should go to ‘Settings’. In ‘Settings’, click ‘Privacy’ and ‘Messages’. Within this menu there will be a setting option saying ‘Allow others to add you to groups’.

How do you manage DMs on Instagram?

Click “Inbox” at the top middle of your screen. Once you are in the Inbox Manager, you can answer messages, comments, and manage your community engagement similar to how you would from a mobile phone device. Why Use The New Instagram Inbox Manager?

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What are disappearing messages on Instagram?

Instagram Help Center

You can send a disappearing photo or video either as a group or individual message. After someone opens a disappearing photo or video you’ve sent them, the message is no longer visible in their inbox unless you’ve allowed a replay of your message.

Where are hidden messages on Instagram?

The good news is that these hidden messages are easy to find.

  1. To see if you have any hidden Instagram messages, tap the inbox icon at the top right of the app. …
  2. If you have any hidden messages, a little blue bar will appear at the top of your inbox saying you have “message requests.”


What does muting messages on Instagram do?

Muting someone on Instagram is like the social media equivalent of politely excusing yourself from a conversation, without making a scene. When you mute someone, their posts and stories will no longer show up in your feed, but they’ll still be able to see your posts, and you can visit each other’s account pages.

Is there a spam in Instagram?

Who Creates Spam on Instagram? In many cases, bots are used to automate spam posts and publish them on high-traffic accounts. Bot accounts often look real. To avoid being flagged as spam, bots can mimic human behavior by posting images to their accounts, liking posts, and making connections with other users.

Why do I keep getting spam direct messages on Instagram?

This may be because their account isn’t set to private. If you’re in this position you can still stop yourself getting notifications about the messages. … Go to your Instagram settings, click “Notifications” and then “Direct Messages”. Then, under the “Group Requests” section, click to turn the notifications off.

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