Best answer: Can Instagram delete my comments?

You can delete any comment that someone has left on your own Instagram post, but you can only delete your own comments on other people’s posts.

Why does Instagram delete my comments?

Instagram may be removing them, but only if they send you something would it actually be them. The people who created the comments can delete them, as well. People tend to delete/remove their comments to make sure Instagram can not use their data for money (targeted ads)- along with posts, likes, etc.

Can Instagram users delete comments?

Can you delete comments on Instagram? Yes, but you can only delete comments you’ve written or comments left on your posts. Other people’s comments on other accounts aren’t up for grabs.

Does Instagram tell you if your comment is deleted?

Notifications are received only when comments are made and not when they are deleted. So, they will not get any notification if the comment is deleted.

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Can you bring back comments on Instagram?

Unfortunately, you cannot recover permanently deleted Instagram comments. … There is not a lot you can do to protect Instagram comments. Once they are deleted, they will be gone forever unless the person has accidentally deleted and they click on the “Tap to Undo” button to retrieve the comments.

Why does TikTok keep deleting my comments?

As you scroll through TikTok, watching videos, commenting and interacting with the app, the app stores temporary cache data. However, as these cache files grow over time, it can slow down the TikTok app and affect features like comments.

Why did my likes disappear on someone’s Instagram?

Originally Answered: Why did the likes from my Instagram posts disappear? Acording to the Instagram, it’s because they want you to focus on the photos and content itself rather than focusing on how many likes post has.

How do I delete someone else’s comment?

Go to the offending comment and hover your cursor over it. Next to the comment, you’ll almost always see a little X. Click the X and then Delete to remove it from your post. While writing this article, I discovered things are a little different for comments on your Profile Picture.

Can someone see if you delete a chat on Instagram?

It should be noted that deleting a conversation only removes it from your inbox. The person you had the conversation with can still see it in their own inbox unless they also delete it. You can also unsend a message on Instagram Direct rather than deleting the entire conversation. Here’s how to do it.

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What if someone posts your picture on Instagram without permission?

If someone posts your picture on Instagram, and you don’t consent to it, politely ask them to remove the picture. If they don’t comply with your request, then report the post to Instagram for removal.

How do you know if someone deleted your comment?

When someone comments on a post you’ve made on Facebook or a photo you’ve uploaded to the site, Facebook notifies you of this via email. It’s possible for a user to delete the comment he added, but the email notification you receive remains. As a result, it’s possible to see the comment a user left after he deleted it.

Does deleting an Instagram comment delete the replies?

Yes, they will. When you delete a comment, the replies become “orphans” meaning that they’re replying to no one now. Since the replies are now orphans, they’re no longer associated to another reply and the best option that Instagram thinks of is that they cascade a delete to all the replaces.

How do you know if someone deleted your comment on youtube?

No you do not get notified as it is their channel therefore they do not need to notify you or give permission to you after it is deleted.

Can I edit my comment on Instagram?

While you can’t edit a comment on Instagram, you can easily delete it and post a new one.

Why is Instagram not showing all my comments?

The most common reason you can’t see the comment you posted on Instagram is that you have a poor internet connection. If your internet connection is weak or your it breaks a lot, the likes and comments you post on Instagram don’t get through instantly. Switching to better wifi or using mobile data can be the solution.

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How do I get my comments back after blocking them?

Once you’ve blocked someone, their likes and comments won’t be removed from your photos and videos for others. If you want them removed, you can manually delete their comments from your posts. You’ll need to unblock them first to be able to see their comments yourself.

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