Your question: Why can’t I put links in my Instagram bio?

The only place Instagram allow you to use a link is in your bio. So you need to make sure you’re sending your users to the right place if they want to click through. Most businesses link directly to their website’s home page. Others link to a specific landing page – a blog piece or service page for example.

Link not allowed

Instagram has become quite cautious with that one precious link allowed in your bio. This is due to the amount of spam accounts they see. They’ll block certain websites known to be linked to by spammers in their profiles. They won’t allow links to websites with explicit content.

You can put a link in your Instagram bio to a personal website or other site you want your followers to visit. Anyone who visits your Instagram profile can see and click on the link placed in your profile even if your photos are private. Links in Instagram bios can be changed at any time on desktop or mobile.

The Possible Reasons of Why Your Instagram Link in Bio not Working: Link in bio service you chose stopped working. You are not putting the link in the right section. You have not updated you Instagram yet.

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The link has to be in the “website” field of your Instagram. Instagram won’t hyperlink plain text in the body of the bio. If it’s in the right field and won’t load the link may be broken or unavailable on mobile.

Here’s how to get set up:

  1. Step #1: Log in to Later on Desktop. Sign up (or login) to Later on your desktop. …
  2. Step #2: Add a Link to a Scheduled Post. …
  3. Step #3: Add Your Linkin. …
  4. Step #4: Let Your Followers Know About the New Link in Your Bio! …
  5. BASI Pilates: “Linkin.


How to find link in bio on Instagram. To get to someone’s profile, tap their username, displayed above their post. Then you’ll see their “bio” where they describe themselves and their account, and the blue URL. That’s the link in bio.

When adding your VSCO profile to your Instagram bio, you must add before your username. If your VSCO profile link doesn’t work, try using followed by your username.

Why did my bio disappear on Instagram?

One the reasons might be because of Instagram’s limitations. There is limitation on the number of characters you can add on Instagram bio, if you write a lot of characters on bio, Instagram doesn’t let you save it and you should remove some items to be able to save the text you wrote.

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