Your question: Where is my story archive on Facebook app?

Open the Facebook mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. Tap on the Show all stories button on the home screen. On the next screen, tap on the Archive icon at the top. Here you will find all your archived stories.

Where can I see my Facebook story archive?

To find your story archive: Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click More below your cover photo, then click Story Archive.

How do I find archived stories?

To access the Instagram Archive, go to your profile and tap the “Archive” icon in the top right. This shows you an archive of all your Stories. If you want to see the posts you’ve archived instead, tap “Archive” and then tap the “Posts” option.

How do I turn on story archive on Facebook?

Turn on and see Facebook Story Archive

  1. Open Facebook website from a computer and log into your account.
  2. Click the Archive tab.
  3. Click the button saying Turn On Story Archive.


Does FB story have archive?

Facebook recently introduced an Archive feature in Facebook Stories, which automatically saves all of the posts a user shares to their Stories so that they can access and share them again later on. Users also have the option to save individual archived posts to their devices to share them outside of Facebook.

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Why can’t I see my story archive on messenger?

Besides the Facebook app, it is possible to see your stories in the Messenger app. To do so, open Messenger and tap on your profile picture from the top left. Scroll down and open the Story option under preferences. On the Story page, tap “View Story Archive” to access your old stories.

Why are stories not showing on Facebook?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

Why did my Facebook story disappear before 24 hours?

There could be an issue where your stories are not clicking with your audience and they are flagging them. Watch out with: (1) Too loud Audio – either music or talking. (3) You might be doing too much boomerang stuff and some people can have seizures with all that movement.

How do I turn on story archive on Facebook on Iphone?

To turn your story archive on or off:

  1. Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Click More below your cover photo, then click Story Archive.
  3. Click in the top right.
  4. Under Story Archive Setting, click Turn On Story Archive or Turn Off Story Archive.

Can you save stories on Facebook?

Facebook currently allows users to save only photos and stories either on mobile or PC. To do so, tap and hold the photo and click on the save button on your smartphone. Download ‘Save Story for Facebook Stories’ on your smartphone. It has a 4.4 plus rating, o don’t worry about your privacy settings.

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How do I download a Facebook archive story?

How to download your Facebook archive

  1. Go to
  2. Tap “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”
  3. Tap “Download Archive.”
  4. It might take a few minutes, but Facebook will alert you when your archive is ready.
  5. When it is, click “Download Archive” again, and a zip file will download to your computer.


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