Your question: Does deleting Google account delete YouTube videos?

Closing your YouTube channel will permanently delete your content, including videos, comments, messages, playlists, and history. Note that you can’t currently delete a channel on mobile devices. It may take some time for your channel to be permanently deleted.

What happens to my YouTube account if I delete my Gmail account?

6. Deleting your Gmail account will not delete your Google Account. Your Google Account will remain associated with things like your search history and YouTube account.

What happens when you delete your Google account?

When you delete your account, it gets deleted permanently from Google servers. So any data associated with your Google account will be lost. … Now let’s see what happens when you remove the account from Android and iOS. Let’s begin with Android first.

How do I remove my Google account from YouTube?

Tap your account name at the top. Tap Manage accounts. Tap on the account you’d like to remove from your device. Tap Remove account.

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How do I delete my YouTube channel without deleting my Google account?

Delete your YouTube channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left sidebar, select Settings .
  3. Select Channel Advanced Settings.
  4. ​At the bottom, select Remove YouTube Content. …
  5. Select I want to permanently delete my content.
  6. Select the boxes to confirm you want to delete your channel.
  7. Select Delete my content.

How do I delete a Gmail account without deleting my Google account?

Click the “Edit” link in the Email Addresses section of the Account Overview page to open the section in Edit mode. Click the “X” or “Remove” option next to the Gmail or email address you intend to delete to remove the address from your account. The account associated with the Gmail or email address remains intact.

What happens if I remove my Gmail account from Android?

What happens when you delete your Gmail service. Your emails and mail settings will be deleted. You can no longer use your Gmail address to send or receive email. … Your Google Account won’t be deleted; only your Gmail service will be removed.

Can I delete my Gmail account and create a new one?

Originally Answered: If you delete your Google account, are you allowed to create a new account with exactly the same Gmail address from the deleted account? No. You cannot re-register with the same username.

Can I delete my Google account and recreate it?

No. If you delete a Google/Gmail account, that particular username is blocked. Permanently. You cannot get it back.

How long does it take for a Google account to delete?

Complete deletion of data from our servers is equally important for users’ peace of mind. This process generally takes around 2 months from the time of deletion. This often includes up to a month-long recovery period in case the data was removed unintentionally.

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Will deleting my Google account delete my photos?

If you delete your gmail account then yes you can lose things like photos, email etc. associated that particular gmail account. But if you have store your photos in local then no need to worry about.

How do I remove a Google account from my smart TV?

Remove a Google account on my Android TV

  1. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  2. Select settings .
  3. Move down to the Personal category, and select Google. …
  4. Select Remove account.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm removal of the account.


The system confirms the YouTube and Google accounts you are unlinking. Just type the code in the picture into the box and hit “Unlink My Accounts”.

Can you use YouTube without a Google account?

If you don’t have a Google Account, you can create one on YouTube. Here are a few important details to remember about Google Accounts and YouTube: You sign in to YouTube with your Google Account. To sign in to YouTube, enter your Google Account email and password.

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