You asked: Why is Carousel good on Instagram?

Instagram carousels allow you to share several pics, videos, and text graphics with your audience in one post — which is a great way to introduce a new product to your audience. … Whatever your product, carousel posts provide a great opportunity for you to celebrate the details of your new product with your audience.

Why You Should Use Instagram carousels?

Carousels actually give content creators more space to display the quality content. Users can expose 10 images and videos in a single post. Not only it opens the gate of being more creative but also using it one can display the encouraging message, review, and much more into the single post.

Do carousels do better on Instagram?

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most engaging formats on social media right now. Hootsuite’s own social media team finds that, on average, their carousel posts get 1.4x more reach and 3.1x more engagement than regular posts on Instagram.

Carousels bring higher engagement rates than videos or images. … The results show the same thing: carousels outperform images and videos, reaching an average engagement rate per post of 1.92%, compared to 1.74% for images and 1.45% for videos.

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Are carousels better for engagement?

However, carousels have demonstrated higher engagement levels than “regular” picture ads — up to 10 times more. The click-through rate is 72% higher than single image ads.

Do carousels perform better on Instagram 2021?

Carousel posts make up 17% of feed posts, and according to Hootsuite’s own research they pull 3x the engagement and 1.4x the reach of other post types. They’re great for going into more detail on a product, or capturing multiple angles on the same theme.

How to Create a Carousel in Instagram Feed

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap Add Post.
  2. In the bottom right corner of the app, click Multiple-Image Post.
  3. You can select up to 10 images or videos to include. …
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Swipe to look through the images that you have selected. …
  6. When you’re finished with your edits, tap Next.

What is the most engaging content on Instagram?

Great Instagram post ideas promote your brand and engages your followers—all while giving them something they can’t help but share with others.

15 creative Instagram post ideas

  1. Ask your users a question. …
  2. Show a tutorial. …
  3. Go behind the scenes. …
  4. Conduct an AMA. …
  5. Share valuable thought leadership.


Why do videos get less likes on Instagram?

For one, videos take more from your audience. Looking at a photo, you can understand everything that is happening in a few seconds. Videos can take up to a minute or more. So audiences don’t interact with them as much.

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This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 22 June 2021. This list contains the top 20 posts with the most likes on the photo and video-sharing social networking service Instagram. The most-liked post on Instagram is a photo of an egg, which has been liked by over 55 million different accounts as of May 2021.

Carousel posts tend to have a higher engagement rate per post – between 1.65% and 5.13%, depending on the profile size. With one exception, carousel posts perform better than images or videos – an average of between 0.25% – 0.51% higher engagement.

Don’t use hashtags with carousel posts.

Why can’t I post a carousel on Instagram?

The Verge has reported that according to a Facebook company spokesperson, the issue with the carousel feature on iOS devices is attributable to a bug: “We’re aware that some people are having trouble accessing the ‘Select Multiple’ photos feature in Instagram due to a bug in the latest iOS update and are working on a …

Is it bad to post a lot of pictures on Instagram?

You should never over promote on any social network, but use extra caution on Instagram. It may be tempting to post a lot of product photos or ads you’d regularly see in the sidebar of a website, but try to avoid this. People on Instagram are looking for beautiful, striking images, not sales pitches.

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