Why is my location in FB wrong?

If don’t recognize your location and it’s not connected to a mobile device, it could be because you have inaccurate information like sometimes it can only provide an approximate location that may appear inaccurate compared to your actual current location.

Why does my Facebook say I was logged in a different location?

Keep in mind that Facebook, and other such services, use what’s known as “Geo IP location” to determine your location based on your IP address. But the thing is, the DHCP server handing out IP addresses to your computer may not even be in the same state!

Why would my location be wrong?

For Samsung smartphones running Android 10 OS, the location information may appear inaccurate if the GPS signal is obstructed, location settings is disabled, or if you are not using the best location method.

How do I correct my location on Facebook?

Tap Settings, then tap Apps. Scroll through the list of apps and tap Facebook. Tap Permissions, then next to Location, tap to turn Location Services on or off.

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How accurate is the Facebook location?

The fascinating thing about “Nearby Friends” is that Facebook could tell you exactly where people are. Apple’s “Find My Friends” app does that (if a friend gives you permission to track their location); Google’s Latitude did the same between 2009 and 2013. But Facebook chooses not to be accurate.

Can you see if someone logs into your messenger?

Settings > Security > Where you’re logged on .

When you hit ‘Edit’, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see where you have logged onto across all devices. Not only this, but you’ll be able to see whether your Facebook account was being used on a desktop, smartphone or Android.

How do I change my location on Facebook to us?

For Windows:

  1. First step up, select the Menu and click on Settings & Privacy.
  2. For the second step, open the Language tab.
  3. Next step, click on the Edit button.
  4. Select the Region you need.
  5. In the last step, save the changes using the Save Changes button.
  6. Good job! You changed your region.

Why does my location show I’m somewhere else?

If your location is based on network information and IP, then your location migjt be different. If you want your phone to show the correct location, turn your GPS on and use the GPS only.

Why is my location on my iPhone wrong?

If you can’t find your current location on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and make sure that Location Services is on and that Maps is set to While Using the App or Widgets. Make sure that you set the date, time, and time zone correctly on your device.

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Can location services be wrong?

Yes, locations services can sometimes display the wrong location.

Can you edit location on Facebook?

To edit your location on a post:

Go to the post. Click and select Edit post. Click and enter a new location. Click Save.

How can I track someones location?

Within simple steps, you can start to track someone’s location:

  1. Purchase mSpy. Select the mSpy subscription package that caters to the needs of your family. …
  2. Install Software. Log in to your Control Panel and follow the instructions.
  3. Start Monitoring.

How can I hide my location on Facebook?

Disabling location tracking in Facebook

Tap Settings & Privacy and then tap Settings. Scroll down and tap Location. Tap Location Access and then tap Location Services. In the resulting window, tap Deny.

Does Facebook Messenger track your location?

Update: Facebook changed the way this feature worked shortly after releasing it, and no longer reveals one’s exact location. Facebook messenger now shows exact location of every chat message. Just click on a previous chat bubble and, if location was enabled, a map appears.

Can you see Location History on Facebook?

Tap the menu button, scroll down to Settings & Privacy and select Settings. Under Privacy, choose Location. Tap Location History and then View Your Location History.

Can my Facebook location be wrong?

We have inaccurate information: Sometimes we can only provide an approximate location that may appear inaccurate compared to your actual current location. You forgot to log off: You might be seeing the location of a mobile device you’re still logged in to.

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