Who has the most fanpage on Instagram?

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Who has the most fan pages on Instagram?

List of most-followed Instagram accounts

  • Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed individual on Instagram, with over 300 million followers.
  • Ariana Grande is the third most-followed individual and most-followed woman on Instagram, with over 243 million followers.

Which celebrity has the most fan pages?

Most popular Facebook fan pages 2021. Apart from being the most-followed person on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo is also the most-followed person on Facebook with over 122 million subscribers to his Facebook page in June 2021. Only Facebook itself and tech conglomerate Samsung had more followers on the social network.

Who has the most fan pages on Instagram in India?

Highest followers on Instagram in India

SN Instagram Account Followers [In Million]
1. Virat Kohli 127948044 [127.95 M]
2. Priyanka Chopra 64394737 [64.39 M]
3. Shraddha Kapoor 62738885 [62.74 M]
4. Neha Kakkar 58749569 [58.75 M]
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Does Instagram allow fan pages?

Instagram is indeed deleting celebrity fan accounts because of copyright issues associated with the fact that account owners are using copyrighted images to curate their content. Instagram is in fact reinforcing article 13 in their terms and conditions.

Who is No 1 on Instagram?

Cristiano Ronaldo (304m followers)

We now reach our most followed human on Instagram: the soccer great, Cristiano Ronaldo.

How much money does 10k Instagram followers make?


According to a recent survey, these accounts can make up to, on average, $88.00 per post.

Who has the most fans in the world?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 272 million followers.

What singers call their fans?

Check them out the list below.

  • Justin Bieber Fans: Beliebers. Jason Oxenham, Getty Images.
  • Taylor Swift Fans: Swifties. …
  • One Direction Fans: Directioners. …
  • Big Time Rush Fans: Rushers. …
  • Cody Simpson Fans: Angels/Simpsonizers. …
  • Selena Gomez Fans: Selenators. …
  • Demi Lovato Fans: Lovatics. …
  • Katy Perry Fans: KatyCats.


Who is the most famous person in the world 2020?

1. The Rock. Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, is the most famous person in the world.

Who is the queen of Instagram?

Deepika Padukone: The queen of Instagram.

Who is the king of insta?

The professional poker player Dan Bilzerian, who was brought down by Livepools, is considered the King of Instagram. He owns 150 million dollars in the bank and 42 million followers across social media channels.

Who is Instagram king in India?

‘King of Instagram’ Dan Bilzerian is in India, wears watch worth Rs 1,36,00,000. The ‘Instagram King’ as he is known is worth $150 million. Hence it came as no surprise that he was wearing a Richard Mille RM11-03, a watch that is worth a whopping Rs 1,36,00,000.

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Is Instagram deleting fan Accounts 2020?

Instagram is deleting fan accounts and claiming that they are trying to impersonate the person they are posting about (aka a fake account). Instagram should stop deleting fan accounts, and create guidelines for all accounts that helps take down actual fake accounts and protect fan accounts.

Why is Instagram deleting accounts 2020?

Instagram will take down your account if you have a number of violations within a window of time. Instagram has made changes to its policy about removing accounts. … An Instagram spokeswoman said it isn’t sharing the exact number of violations or time frame because of concerns users will game the system.

Can a fan page make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can certainly generate income on Instagram. As long as the company can be expressed aesthetically and creatively for marketing functions, you can use Instagram’s countless users.

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