What are Facebook blacklisted words?

What is a blacklisted word on Facebook?

When people include a word you’ve blocked in a post or comment on your Page, it won’t appear on your Page. To block words: From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Go to your Page and click Settings at the top.

What words get blocked on Facebook?

UPDATE: Clearly Facebook hasn’t banned leaking your phone number.

Objectionable Content

  • Hate Speech. Policy Rationale. …
  • Graphic Violence. Policy Rationale. …
  • Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity. Policy Rationale. …
  • Cruel and Insensitive. Policy Rationale.


What words should I blacklist?

The most common blacklisted terms are curse/swear words. Also common to blacklist obvious spam phrases, like “buy viagra” If in doubt about a word or phrase, add it to the Moderation Blacklist.

Careful with that axe..

  • sexy.
  • sexist.
  • sexual.
  • sextant.
  • sexiness.
  • sexuality.
  • heterosexual.
  • unisex.


Does Facebook block words list?

With profanity filter turned on, Facebook automatically blocks commonly reported words or phrases that are marked as offensive. You can choose the degree of filtering as well. This is the quickest way to ensure that your Facebook stays clean and free of spam.

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What happens if you swear on Facebook?

Swearing may cross the line into bullying or harassment when it’s directed at a specific individual. For example, while using the “f-word” in a post on your page may not be against Facebook’s rules, directing it at one of your page’s fans could be considered bullying, depending on the context.

What are the most offensive words?

I’ve picked 40 common swears and ranked them in order of delivery satisfaction, from least enjoyable to most satisfying to say.

  • Arse.
  • Git. …
  • Bugger. …
  • Sod. …
  • Bloody. …
  • Crap. …
  • Damn. …
  • Cow. If someone calls you a cow, regardless of whether they are Kat Slater or not, you cannot truly feel offended. …

What is not allowed on Facebook?

Here are a few of the things that aren’t allowed on Facebook: Nudity or other sexually suggestive content. Hate speech, credible threats or direct attacks on an individual or group. Content that contains self-harm or excessive violence.

How do I block bad words on Facebook?

How to Block Words

  1. Step 1: Go to settings. Click “Settings.”
  2. Step 2: Go to “General” then “Page Moderation” From the “General” section, scroll down to “Page Moderation.” Click “Edit.”
  3. Step 3: Enter words to block. Type in the words you want to block then click “Save Changes.”
  4. Step 4: You’re Done! You’re done!


How do I get around a Facebook ban?


  1. 5 ways to bypass Facebook.
  2. Use proxy servers. A proxy server acts as stand-in (proxy) computer that routes the request from you, the client, to the blocked server. …
  3. Use proxy servers. …
  4. Use a VPN. …
  5. Use UltraSurf/UltraReach. …
  6. Bypass using a translation service. …
  7. Use the Wayback Machine.
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What are the forbidden words?

The forbidden words are “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based” and “science-based.”

What’s the baddest word?

‘Moist’ – a word apparently despised the world over – is about to be named the worst word in the English language. The word has emerged as a clear frontrunner in a global survey conducted by Oxford Dictionaries.

Where is Facebook banned in the world?

As of May 2016, the only countries to ban access around the clock to the social networking site are China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea. However, since most North Korean residents have no access to the Internet, China and Iran are the only countries where access to Facebook is actively restricted in a wholesale manner.

Can you filter Facebook posts by word?

Plugin Version 4.0 and above. The Custom Facebook Feed plugin has a filtering feature built into it which allows you to filter your posts by a specific string, word, or hashtag. You can set this for your feed by going to Facebook Feed > All Feeds > select Edit for the relevant feed > Settings > Filters.

Is Facebook allowed in China?

Facebook (FB) has more than 2.8 billion monthly active users worldwide, with primarily no footprint in China. 1 That’s because Facebook is banned in China, along with many other global social media providers.

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