Question: Why can’t I watch Instagram live?

The reason why you face problems using Instagram live is due to Instagram features, bugs, or phone bugs. To join to an Instagram live video you should have two-person feature in your Instagram account. As you see in the picture the username of each viewer is listed to choose from.

How can I watch Instagram live?

Instagram Help Center

When someone you follow shares a live broadcast, their profile picture will appear at the top of Feed with a colorful ring around it and the word Live. Tap or click their profile picture to view their live broadcast. You can watch live broadcasts on the Instagram app or on

Can you watch Instagram live after it’s over?

Users can share Instagram Live videos to their Stories so that viewers can re-watch them for up to 24 hours after they originally aired, or they can share them to IGTV or pin them to their Highlights.

Why can’t I watch Instagram live on my computer?

If you’re on a PC or Mac, the options to watch Instagram Live on computers is limited. … You can watch Instagram Live on PC or Mac by using a Chrome extension. One extension that allows you to view Instagram Live on PC is IG Stories for Instagram (not to be confused with Chrome IG Story).

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Can you watch Instagram live without the app?

Now that you watch Instagram Live on desktop, you can follow along with that yoga class on a bigger screen or listen to a live performance as you work. All you have to do is open Instagram on the web, and you’ll see a list of accounts that are “live” in the Instagram Stories panel.

How can I watch Instagram live without them knowing?

This is by far the easiest way to watch someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing about it. Simply go to, type the account’s handle into the search bar and hit enter.

How long does an Instagram live last?

Instagram is extending the time limit on live streams from one hour to four hours. Instagram users can now stream live up to four times longer than before following a significant extension to live stream time limits.

Can I recover a deleted Instagram live video?

Go to the Instagram app on your smartphone. Go to your Profile section. … Go to the option and select the photos, videos, Reels, IGTV Videos, or Instagram Stories you deleted. Now, just tap on the Restore option and all your deleted files will be restored.

Can I view Instagram live on my computer?

Watching Instagram Live Video

Go to from your Google Chrome browser on your PC. … A simple Instagram story has a colorful circle, whereas the live video also has a play button. Click on the one with the play button. A new browser tab will open, allowing you to watch the live video stream.

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Can you go Instagram live on laptop?

Unfortunately, the official Instagram desktop version doesn’t let users share live stories using a computer. So, you need to find a way to ditch the problem!

How can I watch Instagram live on my computer?

Open from Google Chrome on your PC. If one of the people you already follow is streaming live, it will appear on the top left of the page. To start watching the live stream on your PC, on the top left of the page, click the live video link. See the highlighted portion of the video below.

Can you watch Instagram live on safari?

You need to download the Google Chrome extension IG Stories to watch Instagram live streams on Mac. … Now all you need to do is sign into Instagram on your Mac via Google Chrome, and you’ll be able to see at the top left of the page whether anyone you’re following is in the middle of streaming a live video.

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