Question: How do you control comments on Instagram?

How do I manage comments on Instagram?

How can I manage multiple comments on my Instagram posts?

  1. Tap View all comments below your post.
  2. Tap. in the top right, then tap Manage Comments.
  3. Select all the comments you want to manage.
  4. From here, you can: Tap Delete in the bottom left, then tap Delete Comments.

How do I limit comments on Instagram 2020?

Within the Settings menu, you’ll see a section for Comments. Tap on that to go into a more detailed Comment menu. You can set your account up to allow comments for Everyone, or limit things to just People You Follow and Your Followers, People You Follow, or Your Followers.

How do you block everyone from seeing your comments on Instagram?

How do I block or unblock someone from commenting on my Instagram photos and videos?

  1. Tap. …
  2. Tap in the top right, then tap. …
  3. Tap Privacy, then tap Comments.
  4. Next to Block Comments From, tap People.
  5. Enter the name of the person you want to block, then tap Block next to their name.
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How do you make your comment Limited on Instagram?

Step 1: Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Step 2: Tap the gear icon near the top-right corner of the screen. Step 3: Scroll down and tap “Comments.” Step 4: Tap “0 People” next to “Block Comments From.”

How many comments can you reply to on Instagram?

You can create more than 100 custom comment responses that will automatically post whenever someone comments on your latest post. Know of any other golden Instagram comment practices?

What happens when you restrict comments on Instagram?

When you restrict someone on Instagram, their comments will be visible to you and the person themselves. However, Instagram hides them by default, and shows a comment from a restricted user as “Restricted Comment” under your posts.

Can you restrict old comments on Instagram?

“You can restrict someone by swiping left on a comment, through the Privacy tab in Settings, or directly on the profile of the account you intend to restrict. Once Restrict is enabled, comments on your posts from a person you have restricted will only be visible to that person.

Can you hide a comment on Instagram?

Press the person icon at the bottom-right corner of the page to navigate to your profile. Press the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner of the page. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Comments. Press the Hide Offensive Comments toggle.

Can I disable comments on Instagram?

You can even turn off commenting for a post before you share it. On the screen where you add a caption or location to your post, tap Advanced Settings, then tap Turn Off Commenting.

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Why are all my comments gone on Instagram?

The person deleted it from their end. Maybe they didn’t like the comment in the end and decided to delete. You accidentally hard-pressed and deleted, maybe you don’t remember and you did. You blocked this person and the comments and activity of people you block disappear from your viewpoint.

Why does no one comment on my Instagram?

Scheduling your Instagram post on wrong time is the reason you are getting little to no comments. The reason is pretty simple—your audience is not active or they are the not able to see the posts at the time you publish the posts. So, you need to choose the time when your audience is likely to be active and less busy.

How do I disable comments on a post?

In the corner of the post, there are three dots – click on them. A small window will pop up with a few actions you can perform. Choose ‘turn off commenting,’ and your problem is solved!

Does Instagram have a comment limit?

Instagram Like and Comment Limits

According to Instagram, you can only like 60 photos in an hour. You can also leave 60 comments on photos or videos. You can have 60 relationships per hour – so that’s a total of follow and unfollow actions combined.

What does it mean when Instagram says comments limited but you follow that user?

It just means that the user has basically restricted or turned off the comment option, meaning only a few or no one is allowed to comment. You can still follow the user / like his or her pictures though.

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