Question: How do I appeal a rejected ad on Facebook?

In order to present your case and (hopefully) change the status of your ad, you’ll need to appeal a disapproved ad by filling out Facebook’s appeal form. By clicking the appeal button (shown in your Ad Manager interface), you’ll be able to justify why your ad should be accepted and doing so will prompt a human review.

How do I appeal a rejected ad?

In the “Status” column of the ad you want to dispute, hover over the ad status, and click Appeal. Under “Reason for appealing,” select Dispute decision or Made changes to comply with policy. Under “Appeal the following,” select which ads you want to appeal. Click Submit.

What can I do if my ad is rejected?

If that happens to you, the good news is it’s fairly simple to appeal the rejection. If & when it happens, the first thing you need to do is be 100% sure that it is a mistake and your ad is actually compliant. If that’s the case, you will see a link to appeal the decision in the rejection notice in your ad manager.

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How long does FB ad appeal take?

Overview. Before ads show up on Facebook, they’re reviewed to make sure they meet our Advertising Policies. Typically most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. Here are three of the most common reasons why ads don’t pass our review.

Why is Facebook rejecting my ads?

If the display URL — the one you choose to display with your ad — doesn’t go to the same website as the link your ad brings people to upon click, Facebook may reject the ad. This is to ensure that users get the experience they are expecting when they click on an ad.

How do I contact Facebook ad support?

Go to

‘ section where it says ‘Contact our support team’ and click either the Chat or Email button. See below for the Chat button.

Why is my Instagram ads not delivering?

Why your Instagram ads are not delivering

The most common issues are problems with audience selection and targeting. Check your ad dashboards and ensure that you’ve got the right audience selected. Also, check to make sure that Instagram is set as the preferred ad channel.

How do I enable a disabled ad account on Facebook?

First, jump into Ads Manager. Typically, you’ll see a red bar informing you the account has been disabled. Click Contact Us to submit your appeal and get your account back up and running.

How do I reactivate my ad account?

Begin by opening your Business Manager.

  1. Click on Business Settings from the left sidebar.
  2. Click on Ad Accounts under the Accounts section.
  3. Click on the Filter by… …
  4. Click on the closed ad account you want to make active again. …
  5. Click Open in Ads Manager in the top right. …
  6. Click Reactivate your account to resume advertising.
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How do I know if my Facebook ad is working?

Facebook has a “check engine” light on your campaigns, giving you a warning if things aren’t quite right—warning lights. They call this indicator Relevance Score, and it’s much like Google’s Quality Score. All your Facebook ads are scored from one to 10, with one being absolutely horrible and 10 being awesome.

Why is Facebook disabling my new account?

There are many reasons why Facebook might disable your account, including not using your real name, posting offensive content, scraping the site, joining too many groups, sending too many messages, “poking” too many people, or sending the same message too many times.

What do I do if my Facebook ad is not approved?

If an ad of yours is not approved, go to the Ad level in Ads Manager and click on “Edit Ad.” Then you can change your ad so that it follows the rules. That’s also where you will see Facebook’s reasoning for not approving your ad, which can guide you to fix it.

Are Facebook ads worth it?

Yes, the CPC is lower, but if you set up your campaigns right, your campaigns will drive high-quality clicks that produce value for your business. As a result, Facebook ads are often a much more profitable way to market your business than other advertising channels.

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