Is Google linked to YouTube?

After signing up for YouTube, signing in to your Google account on another Google service will automatically sign you in to YouTube. Deleting your Google Account will delete your YouTube data, including all videos, comments, and subscriptions.

Is YouTube separate from Google?

Google took a first step toward a major shift in its social strategy Monday by separating YouTube from Google+. … “In the coming months, a Google Account will be all you’ll need to share content, communicate with contacts, create a YouTube channel and more, all across Google.

Are YouTube and Gmail linked?

Your YouTube email is linked to your Google account email, and if you’re using a Gmail address, you’ll likely have to create a new Google account to get a different YouTube email. It’s easy to change your YouTube email if you use a non-Gmail address for your Google account.

Is a Google account the same as a YouTube account?

YouTube accounts are identical to Google accounts. When you create an account on YouTube, you also create an account on Google. Likewise, when you create an account on Google, you can also use this account information to log in to YouTube.

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Unlink using your Smart TV or streaming device

  1. On your Smart TV or streaming device, open the YouTube app.
  2. Go to Settings .
  3. Select Linked devices.
  4. Select Unlink all devices to unlink all devices at once.

Do you need a Google account to have a YouTube channel?

You need a Google Account to sign in to YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (like Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more). If you’ve signed in to any of these products before, you already have a Google Account.

Is it safe to use your real name on YouTube?

YouTube does not verify the name you give on registration and you can give practically any name you want. Still, when you offer a name to hold onto people will know who they’re dealing with, and you tend to come across as more trustworthy. People will trust you more because you aren’t hiding your identity.

What is the best YouTube channel name?

Best YouTube News Channels

  • Barcroft TV (5.6 Million Subscribers)
  • CNN (5.1 Million Subscribers)
  • Vox (5.0 Million Subscribers)
  • ABS-CBN News (4.9 Million Subscribers)
  • Inside Edition (4.8 Million Subscribers)
  • ABC News (4.7 Million Subscribers)
  • The Young Turks (4.2 Million Subscribers)
  • BBC News (3.4 Million Subscribers)


Can people see my email on YouTube?

The email address associated with your channel is not visible by default. If your email address annoys you that much then you can just make a new one and change it for your channel. It’s all up to you!

Who owns YouTube now?


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How do I connect my Gmail account to YouTube?

Since a Gmail address also counts as a Google account, performing this linking procedure essentially connects your Gmail and YouTube accounts as well.

  1. Open your Web browser and log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Create a new browser tab and go to the special link upgrade page on YouTube (see Resource).

Is a YouTube account the same as a channel?

Believe it or not, there is actually a difference in having just a YouTube account and creating a YouTube Channel. Both an account and channel are free, they allow you to watch videos, subscribe to channels, save videos to watch for later but that’s about where it ends.

Do you need an account to watch YouTube?

You don’t need an account to watch YouTube videos, but it helps. With a YouTube account, you can save videos to watch later, set up your YouTube homepage with your favorite YouTube channels, and receive customized recommendations for YouTube videos to watch.

Is your Gmail account your YouTube name?

Your Google Account is always your primary account; the YouTube name is only your public persona on YouTube.

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