How do you test instant form on Facebook?

What is Facebook instant form?

When you create an Instant Form for your lead ad, the default option optimizes for More Volume. This type of form makes it easy for people to quickly submit their information on a mobile device, which often results in a larger number of leads. … A review screen that gives people a chance to confirm their information.

How do I edit an instant form on Facebook?

Edit an Instant Form

  1. Begin creating an Instant Form for your lead ad.
  2. At the Ad level, scroll to the Instant Form section. A list of all current forms should appear.
  3. Hover over the form you’d like to edit.
  4. Click the Edit button. …
  5. Make any necessary edits and click either Save Draft or Publish.

Can I test my Facebook ad?

Each ad being tested will be in its own ad set. Each ad set is identical. For elements that aren’t being tested, use your top performing variables. The parameters of the ad sets you test with should be set to your best performing variables.

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How do you test for lead gen form?

Click the More icon to the right of the ad creative name and click Manage from the pop-up. Click the More icon to the right of the ad creative with the Lead Gen form and select Preview from the dropdown. Click the call-to-action button in the preview. You can test leads from either the desktop or mobile preview.

How do I make an instant form on Facebook?

How to Create an Instant Form to collect leads directly on Facebook/Instagram

  1. Name your form. …
  2. Choose a Form Type – More Volume or Higher Intent. …
  3. Edit the Intro. …
  4. Choose the questions you want the user to answer. …
  5. Link to your Privacy Policy. …
  6. Customize the Thank You Screen. …
  7. Check your form settings. …
  8. Set your Form Configuration.

What is an instant form?

Instant Forms, formerly known as lead forms, allow people to indicate they want to hear from your business, and provide contact information for how they’d like you to reach them. … Businesses will now be able to include Instant Forms in ad campaigns with brand awareness, reach and traffic objectives.

How do I delete instant form on Facebook?

With ActiveCampaign, you can publish your subscription form to your Facebook page.

To remove a form from your Facebook page:

  1. Log into your Facebook page.
  2. Click “Settings” for your page.
  3. Click the “Templates and Tabs” option.
  4. Click “Settings” next to “Subscribe.”
  5. Click “Edit Settings.”
  6. Click “Remove” then click “Okay.”

Where are Facebook publishing tools?

Access your settings and tools using Publishing Tools

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Go to your Page from your personal Facebook account. At the top of your Page, click Publishing Tools.

Can I create a form in Facebook?

Go to your Facebook Page and click Publishing Tools. Click Forms Library in the left menu. To create a new form, click + Create. To use a form you’ve already created, skip to Step 13.

When should you kill ads?

As long as the campaign breaks even you should let it run on. Always monitor these ads very closely because as soon as the ad spend exceeds the profits made by sales, you should turn off the ad. If sales pick up and your campaign becomes profitable then you can increase your budget by up to $10.

Is it bad to pause Facebook ads?

With Facebook Ad optimization rules, you can pause ads that just aren’t cutting it and leverage the power of successful ones, leading to more profit and fewer problems. This allows you to control exactly how much you spend on ads each day. You can also edit and manage rules at any time as your budget changes.

When should you kill an ad set on Facebook?

  1. After 24 Hours (Approx. $10 spent per ad set) Kill it if you have less than 5 clicks. Keep it if you have any conversion events triggered. …
  2. After 48 Hours (Approx. $20 spent per ad set) Kill it if you have no conversion events triggered. …
  3. After 72 Hours (Approx. $30 spent per ad set) Kill it if you have only sold 1 or less.
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How do you test for lead ads?

Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool

  1. Select your Page from the Page dropdown.
  2. Then, select your Form from the Form dropdown.
  3. Click on Delete lead to delete any previously created test lead.
  4. Then, click on Preview form button (do not click on Create lead button)

How do you test Facebook lead ads?

Solution. Use the lead ads testing tool by clicking on the link – to create a test lead. You should use this tool with a valid Facebook Ad Account.

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