How do you pin a tweet that isn’t yours?

How do I pin a tweet on 2020?

Here’s how you can pin a tweet using your smartphone Twitter app:

  1. Go to the tweet you seek to pin.
  2. Click on the triangular symbol on the top-right corner of your profile page.
  3. Select the option ‘pin to my profile page’.
  4. You’ve successfully pinned a tweet from your smartphone app.


Why can I not pin a tweet?

You can’t officially pin someone else’s tweet to your profile, but if you retweet the tweet with a comment, you can pin your comment to your profile. To do so, go to the tweet you want to pin, and tap on the retweet icon below the tweet.

Can you only pin one tweet?

And it’s easy to do. Just go to the tweet you want pinned, click the “…” icon, and then click “Pin to your profile page.” At first I wasn’t convinced. Especially since so many people use Twitter on their phones and pinned tweets can’t be seen on mobile.

What does embed tweet mean?

Embedded Tweets bring your pick of content from Twitter into your website articles. An embedded Tweet includes photos, video and cards media created for display on Twitter, and can even stream live video from Periscope.

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How do you quote another tweet in a reply?

When you reply to a comment or forum post, look at the bottom of the box surrounding the post you want to quote in your reply and click the “Quote” button. This will set up a reply box for you to type your own response under the quote and will add a tag above the quote saying who originally wrote it.

Why would you use the pin tweet feature on twitter?

“Pinning” a tweet means that whenever someone visits your Twitter profile, the first tweet they will see in your timeline is the one you chose to pin—regardless of when it was published. What this means is that this tweet will get a lot more exposure (and a lot more traffic) than regular tweets.

Do pinned tweets appear on the timeline?

Pinning a tweet does not add the tweet back into any timeline or news feed that others may see. It simply makes a change to the timeline that appears on your profile. Therefore, only people who click through to your profile or page directly will see the pinned update.

How do you embed a tweet?

How to embed a tweet using the Twitter website

  1. Open Twitter in a web browser, log in if necessary, and find the tweet you want to embed.
  2. Click the three dots at the top right of the tweet.
  3. In the dropdown menu, choose “Embed Tweet.”
  4. The Twitter Publish page should appear. …
  5. When you’re done, click “Update.”


Does pinning a tweet delete it?

Unpinning will not delete the tweet but will put it in its rightful time-stamped place in your feed and NOT visible in the pinned section.

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What happens if you pin a tweet?

For those who don’t know, a pin tweet is a tweet which users attach to the top of the tweet stream. It’s the first tweet people see when they visit your profile and it’s also the tweet that gets the most attention. You can pin any of your tweets for which you want to get more attention.

What should be my pinned tweet?

Think of your pinned Tweet as a 140-character billboard. You need to clearly state what you’re promoting, and let users know what to do next. Otherwise, they’ll just keep scrolling to the rest of your Tweets. H&R Block used this pinned Tweet to help promote its #HRBCLUTCHCONTEST.

Where do pinned tweets go?

A pinned tweet is essentially a static tweet that will always stay at the top of your profile, no matter how old it gets. And whatever you have pinned in this place will be one of the first things someone sees when they visit your profile. So, you’ll want to make sure it’s something good that will intrigue them!

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