How do you fix YouTube that won’t play on TV?

Why won’t YouTube play on my TV?

General troubleshooting

Video streaming issues are often caused by network conditions or your internet connection. Check the following: Close the YouTube app, then re-open it and try again. … For internet connection issues, perform network diagnosis on your TV.

What do you do when YouTube won’t load?

Here’s how to get YouTube working again when it stops playing videos:

  1. Refresh the YouTube page, and see if the video plays.
  2. Try adjusting the video quality by clicking on the gear icon at the bottom of the video. …
  3. Close your browser, and reopen it. …
  4. Clear your browser cache and cookies, and reload the YouTube page.


How do you refresh YouTube on TV?

You have to hit the back button so that it exits the app. Pressing the home button just pauses it and resumes in the last spot when you go back in. So you have to hit back a few times until it completely closes and then go into the app again.

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Why are my YouTube videos not playing on my smart TV?

The most possible cause for YouTube won’t play on smart TV problem is the improperly installed YouTube app. On the TV platform, different models of TV sets may need different versions of apps, not to mention TVs with different brands and manufacturers.

Why is YouTube app not working on Samsung Smart TV?

Solution 1: Relaunching the app

There is a bug with the Samsung TV where it sometimes does not load an ap properly. … If the app goes to the “Grey Screen” press and hold the “back” arrow button and it will take you to the Samsung Smart HUB. The back button on the remote. Chose the Youtube app again to relaunch it.

How do I get YouTube on my television?

You can link your mobile device to your Smart TV or streaming device using a code.

Enter the code

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap your profile picture and select Settings.
  3. Tap Watch on TV.
  4. Tap Enter TV Code and enter the blue TV code shown on your TV.

How do I clear the cache on my smart TV?

  1. 1 Press the Home button on your remote control and select Broadcasting.
  2. 2 Select Expert Settings.
  3. 3 Select HbbTV Settings.
  4. 4 Select Delete Browsing Data and follow the prompts to clear any saved data on your television.


Can’t connect right now YouTube?

Make sure that your phone isn’t in aeroplane mode. Connect to Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G (if available). Make sure that data usage is turned on for YouTube. Restart the app.

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Why is my YouTube watch history not working?

Conclusion. If YouTube won’t save your watch history, log out of your Google account, restart your YT app or refresh your browser tab, and log back in. If you’re using an ad-blocker, disable it and check if the issue is gone. Many users confirmed ad-blockers often block YouTube’s history tracking URLs.

Why is my YouTube not working on Chrome?

If YouTube still doesn’t work, force-quit Chrome to make sure that it has completely closed down. Enable JavaScript. If JavaScript is disabled in the Chrome settings, turn it on to enable video playback. Turn off hardware acceleration and enable JavaScript.

Why is my YouTube TV not HD?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the quality on Youtube-TV. It depends on your internet. If you have a fast and a good connection, Youtube will automatically adjust the quality to 1080p.

Why can’t I get 1080p on YouTube TV?

Try Wifi to see if there is a difference, if not, uninstall and reinstall the app. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging your TV and letting it set for a few minutes and then relaunching the app. SOLVED: as u/bpp531 suggested, setting the resolution manually to 1080 fixed it on all channels.

Why is my YouTube feed not refreshing?

There could be a bug in the YouTube app version you’re using. If it is a widely reported one, then YouTube is likely to release an update quickly. Check if an update for YouTube is available on Play Store or App Store. If it is, download and install it immediately.

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