How do you become eligible to create a username on Facebook?

Why does Facebook say I am not eligible to create a username?

The main reason you receive the message “you are not eligible to create a username” is that the particular username you chose has is already being used by another Facebook user.

How do I fix this page isn’t eligible to have a username?

The solution:

  1. The simplest solution is to make a friend of yours an Admin to the Facebook page temporarily and get them to add the username for you. …
  2. Go to Settings and click Page Roles.


How long does it take for a Facebook username to become available?

As I mentioned, it took 9-12 days after I performed step #1, above, for stevemasover to become available. When the joyous day comes that your desired username is available to assign to your page, STOP. Make really, really SURE you spelled it right. Once you assign a username to a page, you’re stuck with it.

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How do I claim a Facebook username?

To claim your Facebook Page’s username and vanity URL, you need to set up a custom username by following these steps.

  1. Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page’s “About” tab. …
  2. Step 2: Create your Facebook Page @username. …
  3. Step 3: Check availability. …
  4. Step 4: Create your Facebook Page username & vanity URL.


What is Username give example?

The name people use to identify themselves when logging into a computer system or online service. In most situations, both a username (user ID) and password are required.In an Internet email address, the username is the left part before the @ sign. For example, KARENB is the username in

How many likes do I need on Facebook to get a username?

Username Restrictions. For a long time, Facebook restricted how many times you could change your page username. They required that a page had 25 or more likes in order to change the username, first and foremost. As near as I can tell, this restriction existed primarily so that no one could squat a username.

How do I add a username to my Facebook business page?

How do I create a username for my Facebook Page?

  1. From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu.
  2. Go to your Page.
  3. Click Create Page @Username below your Page’s name.
  4. Enter a username, then click outside of the composer.
  5. If the username is available, click Create Username.

How do I create a Facebook page?

How do I create a Facebook Page?

  1. Go to
  2. Click to choose a Category.
  3. Fill out the required information.
  4. Click Create Page.
  5. Add an optional profile or cover photo, then click Save.
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How can I edit my username in Facebook?

To change your username:

  1. Click in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Username.
  4. Enter your new username and your password, then click Save Changes.

What is the difference between a page name and username on Facebook?

Page Name VS Username

Your page name is what appears under your profile picture as the title of your page. … See these images for example. Your username (aka page URL) is the link or address for your Facebook page. It is what shows up beneath your page name and in the address bar of your internet browser.

What is a FB username?

Usernames and user IDs are part of your public profile, which can help your friends find you on Facebook. A username is the web address for your profile or Page (example: Learn how to create a username.

What happens if I change my Facebook user name?

Changing your username will not affect your existing followers, Direct Messages or replies. Your followers will simply see a new username next to your profile photo when you update.

What do I do if my Facebook username is taken?

When Facebook says the username is taken, there are also two possibilities. To discover which – and to skip to the appropriate next section – try to type it in. Just go to and see what comes up. Either you will visit a page, or you will be taken to a “this page doesn’t exist” page.

How do I make my Facebook username unavailable?

HOW DO I FIND MY FACEBOOK USER ID AND USERNAME? To find Facebook ID and username you most go to the left menu on Facebook home page, in general setting, username. To find the ID for specific websites or games go to setting, app and website and scroll down to find the ID of that specific app.

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Can I reuse a deleted Facebook username?

Usernames can not be reused after a Page has been deleted. They also can’t be transferred between Pages and Profiles.

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