How do I stop Youtube from reloading?

You can not get off that page by hitting the youtube options on the left like Home-Trending- Library- My Videos etc. The only way to stop it is manually entering a period at the end of the .com. if you take out that period that odd extension gets added again & you are back in a loop.

What to do if YouTube keeps reloading?

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Clear the cache and cookies only from websites that cause problems. “Clear the Cache”: Firefox/Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Cached Web Content: “Clear Now”

Why does YouTube keep stopping and reloading?

When you stream a video, it’s loaded to your browser’s cache. If an unfinished version of the video you’re trying to load is in your cache, it can stop the video from loading in your browser. You can fix this problem by entering your browser’s settings or options page and clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

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How do I stop a page from reloading?

Disable Auto-Refresh in Google Chrome

Go to Details and click on Extension options. Tick the option with Disable Meta Refresh elements in pages and click on Close. Additionally one can disable the automatic tab discarding to stop the tabs from auto-refreshing. Go to Chrome://flags in the URL.

Why does my Mac keep reloading YouTube?

Outdated Safari cookies / history can cause the problems you are describing … Go to your Safari menu bar, click Safari > Preferences then select the Privacy tab then click: Manage Website Data. It may take a minute or two for cookies to populate then click Remove All. Quit then relaunch Safari to test.

Why does my YouTube keep pausing?

If you’re experiencing issues with constant pausing of YouTube videos, the most likely explanation is that your Internet connection isn’t fast enough to keep up with the demands of streaming video at the selected quality.

How do I stop YouTube from reloading on Chromebook?

1. Navigate to chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding. 2. Set Automatic tab discarding to Disabled.

Why my YouTube video stops playing after few seconds?

As mentioned, sometimes the culprit of YouTube video playing and stopping is because of the bad speaker/headset connection. Some Android mobile phones detect this as frequent plugging and unplugging of the headset — results in pausing and playing of the video. Try unplugging the headset and play the video.

Why do my videos keep pausing on my computer?

Another problem that could lead to pausing during video streams is with your computer memory. If you don’t have enough RAM on your computer, it will slow everything down. Opening Web pages and programs will be slower. When you stream a video, it will periodically have to pause to catch back up again.

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Why does YouTube keep crashing on my smart TV?

Poor network or faulty Wi-Fi networks also contribute to crash, and the same applies to the Youtube TV app. If the television or smart device is too far from the Wi-Fi router, the speed will be very low, and it can lead to errors. Low internet speed is not what the Company recommends.

Why does my computer keep reloading the page?

Why are my tabs reloading? Your device is out of memory. Like your Android phone or tablet, Chrome is silently closing background tabs in order to make memory available. When you click on one of those tabs it reloads.

How do I stop all page events from refreshing?

disable all refresh events using javascript/jquery

  1. F5,
  2. Mouse right click option (refresh/reload),
  3. CTRL+R,
  4. Menu bar -> view -> refresh and.
  5. URL refresh/reload button.


Why does my safari keep reloading pages?

iFolks frequently see this message when they have a lack of storage space available on their iDevice. Or when certain apps like Safari use a significant portion of their device’s RAM (Random Access Memory.) And when Safari is running low on RAM, errors, and page reloads are more likely to happen.

How do I stop Safari from reloading itself?

Relaunch Safari now and you should see the Debug menu appear beside the Help menu. In the Debug menu uncheck the “Use Multi Process Windows”. Now close all open Safari windows, and that’s it tabs will now stop unexpectedly reloading.

How do I stop my Mac from reloading web pages?

in either case, it’s typically simple to try the following solution to either type of issue: close the website window, actually quit Safari, wait about 30 seconds, and relaunch Safari, then manually reopen the page.

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Why does my phone keep reloading?

Your background apps are constantly running and refreshing themselves, whether by using cellular data or your Wi-Fi. Naturally, this can increase your data usage, consume a lot of RAM, and drain your phone’s battery life. It can also lead to poor performance since your phone is trying to do too much at once.

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