How do I stop one person from seeing my birthday on Facebook?

How do you hide your birthday from one person on Facebook?


  1. Click your name tab. It’s in the top-right section of the Facebook page. …
  2. Click About. …
  3. Click Contact and Basic Info. …
  4. Scroll down to the “Basic Info” heading and hover over “Birth Date”. …
  5. Click Edit. …
  6. Click the person-shaped icon. …
  7. Click Only me. …
  8. Click Save Changes.


How do I hide my birthday from certain people?

Follow the steps below to hide your birthday from all friends through mobile app: Select the menu tab and go to your profile. Click About, more about you and edit the Basic Info section. Click on audience selector of Birthday, and select ‘Only me’.

How do I change who can see my birthday on Facebook?

Click your profile picture in the top right of Facebook. Click About, then click Contact and Basic Info in the left menu. Scroll down to your birth date and click to the right. Use the dropdown menus to change your birthday and use the audience selector to choose who can see it.

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Can acquaintances see my birthday?

Setting your birthday to “Friends of Friends” means that when your friends and their friends visit the About page on your profile, they will see the month and day of your birthday. In addition, the fact that your friends can see your birthday means that Facebook will notify all of your friends about your birthday.

Why is my birthday not showing on Facebook?

Facebook used to display your birthday right on your Timeline, but at the time of publication, your birthday is hidden away in the About section of your profile. If people can’t see your birthday, you may have never entered it or used a privacy setting that limits who can see it.

Should I hide my birthday on Facebook?

A: Hiding your birthday from Facebook isn’t just good for hiding your age, but it’s also a critical piece of information identity thieves need to impersonate you.

Can restricted friends see my birthday on Facebook?

yes they will still get a notification for your bday. restrictions only limits what posts you can see of theirs. if they blocked you, then no they will not .

Will my birthday show up on Facebook?

Facebook Help Team

You can change who can see your birthday by adjusting the audience. There are 2 audience selectors next to your birthday: one for the day and month and one for the year. Friends won’t get a notification about your upcoming birthday if you don’t share the day and month with them.

How do I hide my birthday on Facebook app?

Step 1: Open the Facebook application for iOS or Android. Step 2: Then, tap on the ‘settings’ at the bottom of your screen. Step 3: Next to ‘your birthday story’, tap the slider to turn it on or off. After this is turned off, your birthday story will not be visible to your friends.

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Can acquaintances see my likes?

The privacy of your like is dependent on the privacy of your friend’s post. if they only share the post with you, then you liking it will only appear in your friend’s activity feed/newsfeed. If they share it with a group of friends it will appear only in that group of friends’ activity feed/newsfeed.

Can acquaintances see my photos?

Facebook friends added to your Acquaintances list will be able to see your photos, unless you have your privacy settings on those photos set as Custom: Friends except Acquaintances. When you choose the Custom privacy setting, you can selectively share something with specific people, or hide it from specific people.

How do I hide my age on Facebook 2020?

To hide your age in the events calendar, change how your birthday is displayed on your timeline:

  1. Go to your timeline and click Update Info under your cover photo.
  2. Scroll down to Basic Information and click Edit.
  3. In the dropdown menu, choose “Show only month & day on my timeline”
  4. Click Save.
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